A day in the life of Cathedral School

Recently a photographer visited Cathedral School to capture a ‘typical’ day at Cathedral Primary School. He spent all day at school, popping into every classroom as well as the lunch hall and playground.

Children and parents are greeted by Mrs Scott as they make their way into the playground, ready for another exciting day of learning.

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The children start learning as soon as they arrive in their classroom, Registration time is spent reviewing work from the day before by answering Green Pen Questions that teachers write in each child’s books. This is a valuable way of making sure children are given the opportunity to improve their work and apply the skills they have learnt. These photos show Year 1 and Year 5 busily responding to feedback before assembly.

On Fridays 2 children from Year 6 lead Celebration Assembly. Each week a different area of learning is highlighted and achievements made by children across the school are celebrated. The slides from celebration assembly can be viewed on our home page on the weekly newsletter. It was also the week that Mr Scott gave out prizes to children which were donated by Parent Forum in recognition of hard work on the Bridge Walk which raised money for PE provision in school.

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First our photographer visited the Nursery, where children were busy engaging in a range of activities based on the book Anna’s Amazing Glasses. Miss Dace and Debbie were working with pupils in small groups.

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When the photographer popped into Reception he found that everybody was busy exploring with Miss Scade and Sara!

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Next he went to see Mrs Scott who was meeting the Chair and Vice Chairs of Governors. They meet fortnightly to discuss school matters. The Governing Body at Cathedral School are very active and enjoy spending as much time as possible in school, with the children, taking an interest in their learning.

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Year 3 had just started French with Miss Hayfield when the photographer arrived in their classroom. At Cathedral School we work hard to make sure lessons are as interactive as possible and children lead the learning.

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Class 4 were working in pairs to produce a piece of percussive music.

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Meanwhile the Year 5 and 6 Choir were practising for their performance at International Evening.

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When our photographer managed to catch up with Year 1 they were busy writing their own stories with Mr Rojas and Tonnie.

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Year 6 were concentrating very hard on solving a range of mathematical problems. Some children chose to work independently, while others preferred to talk their method through with a partner. The class are using a range of resources to help.

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Lunchtime at Cathedral School is always busy:

Some children were sharing their projects with Mrs Scott

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Year 6 Reading Buddies were reading with children in Key Stage 1

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Gardening Club were getting ready to plant the next crop of vegetables with Kim. These will be enjoyed by all of the children as part of their school lunch.

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Elliott, our PE Coach was organising a game of football in the Infant Playground.

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Children across the school were using the playground equipment.

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Some Year 6 children were using our green screen to put together a short film.

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While other children preferred to spend time reading!

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And most importantly everybody was enjoying a delicious school lunch, cooked on the premises by Henrietta, our award-winning chef.

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Once our photographer had a well earned break he visited Class 6 who were practising for a Kwick Cricket Tournament with Elliott.

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Year 5 were also exercising with Miss Fullana; they were getting ready to perform their street dances the following week.

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The photographer looked everywhere for Class 2, they weren’t in the classroom or the library, or the hall or the playground or the peace garden or the study room! Eventually he looked out of the window and realised they were across the road in Redcross Gardens investigating habitats as part of their Science topic.

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Year 4 were in the Library when our photographer returned. Some children were reading independently or with a friend, while others were reading in a group with the teacher or individually with a teaching assistant.

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Nursery were in the hall working on their gross motor skills and thinking about moving creatively in response to the music.

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Our photographer just had time to pop into Class 3 before the end of the day. There were researching the life of s roman soldier as part of their topic on Romans.

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Pupils leave school full of enthusiasm for their day at school, ready to tell their parents all about their learning.

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Having spent the day with the children, staff, parents and governors of Cathedral School our photographer said,

“I had such a wonderful day at your school. It was really inspirational and there were a few times where I had to hold back the tears. Cathedral School is an incredible place of learning and all the teaching staff are a credit to their profession.”