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School Council

All children are involved in decision making in school and the school takes their opinions seriously. Each class has two School Councillors, voted by their class each year, and every child is aware that they can let their opinion and ideas be known to the School Council by either:

1) A Class Council meeting. When the two School Councillors chair a meeting in their respective class.
2) By filling out the School Council contact slip, available in each class, and putting it into the drawer of one of their School Councillors.

School Council meet fortnightly. There is a rolling Chair system, in which one of the older councillors will lead the meeting each time. They set the agenda and then work through the items.

One of the councillors will take minutes and these are sent to the Headteacher. A Governor is often present and will offer advice and feedback to the Council.

Recent achievements of the School Council include:

· Increased participation in Collective Worship. Children now lead two assemblies each week. Celebration assembly is completely led by children.
· More equipment for the playground, such as skipping ropes and sport’s equipment.
· More choice of games in the KS2 playground, such as rounders and cricket.
· A revamped menu for school dinners.

Also, School Council has been asked to feedback to Better Bankside for how the local environment could be improved. Mint St. playground was discussed and has since seen improvement.

School Council have interviewed potential candidates for teaching roles and the Headteacher role. In these interviews, School Council drew up ten questions for candidates and fed back to the Governors.

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