Reptile Life

Yesterday the whole school were joined by Rob and Johnny from Reptile Life. Every child from Nursery to Year 6 had the opportunity to learn about the habitats of a wide range of animals including Charlotte, a Chilean rose tarantula, Dave the royal python, Walter the Burmese python) and a barn owl named Dexter. Children were also able to handle the animals.

Here are some comments from Class 4,

“I really enjoyed this animal project! Most of us got to hold a whole python that was 3.4m long which is amazing!”

“I  liked seeing the animals, the python was 3.4ms long. Charlotte was a tarantula; they can live until they are 15 or 16, and male tarantulas can only live until they are 5 or 6! Thank you Rob and Johnny for letting us hold and stroke the animals!”

“I really enjoyed today, I learnt new facts and got to be close up to wild animals. My favourite animal was the the tenrec, they are adorable.”

Please see individual class blogs for more photos.

What did you learn? Which animal did you hold? How did it feel?

Reptile Life

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