Book Week Fun

Today the children and staff at Cathedral School dressed up as their favourite book characters and authors. The effort and creativity that went into the costumes was incredible.

At Cathedral School we feel that one of the best things about World Book Day is discovering new authors and remembering forgotten favourites A very exciting part of the day was the ‘Choose a story session’. Children were able to choose a story from a selection before finding out which teacher would read it to them.

What is your favourite character from a book?

How could you describe the character you came as?

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Book Week Fun

0 thoughts on “Book Week Fun

  • These pictures are fantastic! How wonderful today to see the happy faces of all the children who were clearly all so excited (my daughter woke me up this morning, fully dressed in her costume and asking to go straight to school… It was 6:30am!). Fantastic effort from all the teachers too and wonderful to hear about the other activities that happened in conjunction with this week. 

  • I was the Little Match girl. She’s a very poor girl and she has to sell matches to the rich people.
    I was so excited when I saw Miss Dace in her fox clothes with ears and a tail and a gingerman in her tummy. Sara looked funny because her face was green.
    My favourite book is ‘The LIon, the witch and the wardrobe’ and I read it at home. The pages feel so smooth. I like when Edmund meets the witch because I love scary things.

  • It was really fun dressing up!I went as Sirius Black from Harry Potter. Everyone in my class had really good costumes.


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