Book Week (Dragon Egg Discovery)

This has been an extraordinary week at Cathedral School, with the discovery of only the fourth dragon egg found in the last hundred years in the playground. The video below best explains the goings-on.

As well as this marvellous find, on Thursday, Miss Campbell arranged for Jan Burchett and Sara Vogler to visit the school. Jan and Sara are a writing partnership with over two hundred books to their name. They’ve written about ‘gargoylz’, dinosaurs, ghosts, football, ghosts playing football, Tudor spies, time-travelling pirates and pets from space!

They were hugely complimentary about the school and the excellent engagement of all our

Book Day itself was a hugely fun day, with older classes hearing younger classes read, mystery teacher readers and, of course, costumes. It was very lovely to see many dragons in amongst the usual favourites. We thank Miss Campbell for organising such a successful and memorable week.

Book Week (Dragon Egg Discovery)

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