Summer 1 Week 2

Stars of the Week: Fisayo and Christopher

This half term in Science we are learning all about plants! Yesterday we had a fun practical lesson and planted some cress and runner beans in Class 1. Children wrote a prediction, saying whether they thought cress would grow faster inside or outside of the classroom. Then, each child had their own plastic cup as their plant pot and were given some seeds. They then had to sprinkle some water onto their seeds and make sure their seeds were pushed down into the cotton wool.

Summer 1 Week 1


Stars of the Week: Selena and Iyad

Just before the Easter break Class 1 went on a ‘Signs of Spring’ walk over to Redcross Gardens. Children had check sheets where they wrote down what they saw, heard and smelt which gave them clues that Spring is on its way! Class 1 also thought about seasonal change and different clothing that we are now wearing in Spring.

Museum of Childhood

Class 1 had a great trip to the V&A Museum of Childhood on Thursday. Children took part in a ‘Toys from the Past’ workshop where they got to hold and play with real toys from many years ago. They were also given time to explore this fantastic museum in groups after lunch. Take a look at some photos from our fun day out.

Spring 2 Week 3- Buddy Readers

Stars of the Week: Helena and Ethan

During Book Week last week, Class 1 were very lucky to have some books read to them by Class 5. Children were able to ask questions and discuss parts of the story with their Class 5 partner. It was lovely to see the older children in the school helping out in Class 1. Thank you Class 5.


Spring 2 Week 2


Stars of the Week: Daniel and Henry Y

This week Class 1 started looking at the text ‘Dogger’ for Book Week. Children have completed some fantastic work, including character descriptions, persuasive letters and missing posters for Dogger! We are looking forward to putting up our hard work on display next week. Class 1 have also enjoyed the snow this week and we went outside to take some photos!! Take a look!

Spring 2 Week 1

Stars of the Week: Maidie and Olivia

Well done to Class 1 who wrote some beautiful prayers in RE this week. We discussed how our prayers should start and end and what we are thankful for. Children also prayed for others in their prayers, including those who are unwell, homeless, afraid and hungry. Well done on your thoughtful writing Class 1.

Spring 1 Week 5

Stars of the Week
All of Class 1!

Class 1 worked extremely well this week as we completed an ‘umbrella investigation’ in Science, testing different everyday materials. Children had to predict which material they thought would keep Teddy dry, then they tested glass, plastic,¬† metal, paper and fabric. Well done for all your hard work this half term Class 1.

Spring 1 Week 4- Counting in 2’s

Stars of the Week: Max and Mariama

This week¬†children have been learning all about the 2 timetables! Class 1 have been very busy using their cubes and mini whiteboards to count in 2’s to solve their maths questions. Well done for all your hard work Class 1, excellent mathematicians.