End of Year!

Class 1,

I can’t believe we have come to the end of the year already! What a journey we have been on together, from home learning , to now seeing you off ready for Class 2. You have all made me so so proud, please make sure you come and visit me (I’ll just be in the classroom next door!) I know you will be absolutely fine next year.

Thank you Parents for all your support over the last 2 years, it makes such a difference! Have a wonderful summer.

Mrs Copeland

Please see a message from Ellie below:

Dear Class 1 Parents,

I cannot believe my year at Cathedral School has flown by so quickly! I have absolutely loved working in Class 1 and feel so lucky to have watched each and every child blossom in their beautiful and individual ways. Your children have been full of kindness and smiles! Thank you so much for your support and gifts over the months. I’ll definately be keeping in touch with Cathedral! I’ve cried lots of goodbye tears, but it’s time for the next adventure!

Lots of happy wishes,



Below are a few pictures from our final week. During the heatwave, children kept cool by dipping their feet into water boxes in the playground!

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