Spring 2, Week 6

Stars of the Week: All of Class 1

We have had an extremely busy end to a lovely spring term with Science Week, the Easter cathedral service and our trip to the Toy Museum.

During Science Week, the children enjoyed learning about the solar system in the inflatable planetarium in the school hall! We also enjoyed a morning in Redcross Gardens looking for signs of spring and the travelling water experiment. Thank you again to Mr Adeko (Nifemi’s Dad) who visited our class and showed the children some scientific magic!

Today was our trip to the Toy Museum and the children really enjoyed looking at and playing with toys from past to present. Their behaviour was exceptional throughout as highlighted by staff at the museum. Well Done Class 1, very proud as always!

Finally, I hope you enjoy looking through all the pictures from the last couple of weeks and I hope you have a wonderful, restful Easter holidays!
Miss Keohane

Spring 2, Week 4

Stars of the Week: Ben and Deborah

This week, we were lucky enough to have a workshop all about keeping our teeth clean!

The children worked hard to learn the names and parts of the teeth we have and how to brush them properly twice a day!

Class 1, can you remember how many milk teeth and adult teeth we have?!

Spring 2, Week 3

Stars of the Week: Kemena and Amaris

Last week we had a great time celebrating Book Week! The focus was setting descriptions so we thought about where our favourite stories are set, as well as the setting descriptions in our class text, The Wizard of Oz. The children wrote their own setting descriptions of either Munchkin Land or The Wicked Witch’s castle and did a fantastic job! Well done!

Spring 2, Week 2 – Shrove Tuesday

Stars of the Week: Joni and Alphie

This week celebrated Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes. The children worked in groups to measure out the flour, crack the eggs, add the milk and mix it altogether! Once the mixture was ready, the grown ups cooked the pancakes and we all got to enjoy them with lemon and sugar on the top. We then thought about Lent and if there are any behaviours we will be changing. It was great to hear that lots of the children plan to give up chocolate or watching TV for 40 days!

Spring 2, Week 1

Stars of the Week: Shia and Rory

This week we have started our new class text for the half term, The Wizard of Oz.

We have been introduced to the main character, Dorothy, and her little dog, Toto. In the first chapter, Dorothy and Toto get swept up in a cyclone. We freeze framed different images from the scene, using the description from the text to explore how Dorothy and Toto were acting and feeling.

Spring 1, Week 6

Stars of the Week: All of Class 1

You’ve worked so hard and learned so many new things this half term class 1! In the last five weeks you’ve learned the seven continents and five oceans of the world, to identify different materials and their properties, clockwise and anti-clockwise quarter, half and whole turns, exclamation marks, question marks and lots, lots more! You impress us every day with the effort you put in to all of your learning and you should all feel extremely proud of yourselves. Well done, Superstars!

Spring 1, Week 4

Stars of the Week: Kemena and Martha

This week, we started learning Phase 5 sounds in phonics. During phonics sessions, both Kemena and Martha challenge themselves to think of ambitious vocabulary that contain our sound of the day and are always looking for opportunities to apply new sounds and words in their reading and writing. Keep up the great work!

Spring 1, Week 4

Stars of the Week: Charles and Kirstin

This week, we were visited by nurses from Evelina who came to teach us the importance of washing our hands. We were introduced to Mr Soap and learned that “GERMS ARE NOT FOR SHARING!” The children looked at the germs on their hands before and after washing them under a special light and were surprised at how much soap we need to put on and how long we have to wash our hands for!