Autumn 1, Week 2

Stars of the Week: Hudson and Marcia

This week we have been looking at our Class Charter which we wrote together. On the charter, we wrote our ideas for rules and good behaviours to make Class 1 a lovely place to be!
Here are some of our ideas:
– Always try your best
– Keep the classroom tidy
-Be kind to others

Summer 2, Week 7 – Happy Summer Holidays!

Stars of the Week: All of Class 1

Well what an amazing year Class 1! You’ve come to school each and everyday with excitement and enthusiasm for the day ahead and, as a result, you’ve learned an incredible amount. I feel extremely lucky to have been your teacher over the last 2 years. You are kind, funny, inquisitive and ambitious children and you’re so ready for the challenge of Year 2. Exciting times ahead!

A huge thank you as well to all the parents for your support over the last 2 year, it’s been truly great. I hope you all have a really lovely summer!

Miss Keohane

Please enjoy our highlights video and pictures from our party today:

Summer 2, Week 6

Stars of the Week: Ben and Annamaria

Last week we celebrated Sports Week at Cathedral School. We did lots of fun activities including bat and ball skills with Class 5, running races, building poddley with Class 2 and of course Sports Day! The children brought huge amounts of energy and enthusiasm to the whole week and thoroughly enjoyed their first sports day. Thank you again to all the parents who came along to support!

Summer 2, Week 4

Stars of the Week: Thomas and Joni

This week in maths, Class 1 have been learning part whole diagrams. The children have been revising number bonds to 10 as well as using the diagrams to find the missing number in addition and subtraction number sentences.
Well done Thomas and Joni – you worked hard to understand whole part diagrams and remember all of your number facts!

Summer 1, Week 2

Stars of the Week: All of Class 1

A huge well done to all of Class 1 for their hard work on the phonics check this week. It was so lovely to see the children confidently ‘roboting’ the real and alien words and feeling proud of all the hard work they’ve put in! We’re all really proud of you Class 1, Well Done!

Summer 2, Week 1

Stars of the Week: Shia and Margot

Class 1 had their first visit to the CLC this week, as well as travelling on the tube as a class for the first time! At the CLC, we learned about robots and how to programme them to follow a set of instructions called an algorithm. The children worked hard directing Bee-Bots around squares, rectangles, s shapes and a treasure map. As always, Class 1 behaved exceptionally well and showed a great enthusiasm for the new skills they were learning – WELL DONE SUPERSTARS!