Spring 1, Week 2

Stars of the Week: Noella and Scarlet

This week in RE, class 1 learned about the Creation Story. Each group decorated one of God’s creation which we then put together on our ‘God’s Creation’ display. We also reflected on how God’s wonderful world makes us feel. Well done to Scarlet and Noella who worked hard on their display work and gave thoughtful reflections on their favourite parts of our world.

Spring 1, Week 1

Stars of the Week: Beatrix and Saraea

This week, we started our new book for this half term The Velveteen Rabbit. On Thursday, the children got into the character of the different toys in the story and explored how they would’ve been feeling at different points of the story. Well done Beatrix and Saraea for your wonderful acting skills!

Autumn 2, Week 7

Stars of the Week: Margot and Annamaria

In class 1, we never give up even when we’re faced with new challenges that may be tricky. Both Margot and Annamaria always show a can-do attitude to their learning which makes them feel proud of the excellent work they produce. Keep it up superstars!

Autumn 2, Week 4

Stars of the Week: All of Class 1

This week, the children wrote stories about a little bird who couldn’t whistle. The children worked exceptionally hard to write the story of the little bird’s adventure to learn how to whistles using lots of description whilst remembering to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces! Well done Class 1 – your efforts were truly amazing!

Class 1’s Collective Worship

A huge well done to Class 1 for their superb collective worship on Wednesday! They performed their lines and the song confidently and remembered every single word. Congratulations Class 1, you’re all superstars – Miss Keohane, Margaret & Maggie are extremely proud!!

Also, if you haven’t done so already, please could you send a baby photo of your child (preferably under the age of 1) by Monday 19th November for our history lesson where we will be comparing our baby photos to baby photos from the past. We can photocopy hardcopies and send them home again or you can email them to school.admin@btconnect.com Thank you!

Autumn 2, Week 3 – Dia de Espanol

Stars of the Week:Shia and Shaye

Yesterday we celebrated Spanish Day at school. The children learned to say basic Spanish greetings and count to 10. They also decorated Spanish flags, ate traditional Spanish food and learned to dance like a flamenco dancer! Well done for your great efforts towards learning Spanish!

Thank you again to Shandon, Shaye’s brother, who read ‘Los Tres Chivitos’ (The Three Billy Goats Gruff) to the class too.