Our trip to the CLC

Stars of the Week: Lyonna and Medhansh

Last Friday, Class 2 went to the CLC to learn about digital mapping. They searched Google Maps for the seven continents, created a Comic Life presentation and made a mapping game!

A special well done to Lyonna and Medhansh who really challenged themselves when learning so many new skills.


Our Collective Worship

Stars of the Week: All of Class 2

Well done to all of class 2 who performed so brilliantly in our collective worship this Wednesday. Everyone said their lines with such confidence and expression, and performed the songs beautifully. Well done!

Watch this space for a video of our songs.


The Twits

Stars of the Week: Azaria and Kyann

This week Class 2 started a new book, The Twits by Roald Dahl. We wrote acrostic poems to describe the characters. Azaria and Kyann wrote particularly thoughtful poems, adding lots of detail and using ideas from the story so far. Fantastic work!


A Term in Class 2

Stars of the Week: All of Class 2

All of class 2 have made a fantastic start to the year, and all their hard work and dedication is clear in the beautiful displays that brighten up our classroom. The class have written poetry, sent letters to Finland, learnt about Jewish festivals and investigated how to stay healthy. Well done everyone!


DT Week

Stars of the Week: Leo and Remy

For DT Week, Class 2 are making aeroplanes from recycled materials. We began with bottles and cardboard, then added layers of papier mache and paint. The final details are yet to be done! The attention to detail and symmetry of Leo and Remy’s aeroplanes were particularly impressive. Well done!



Stars of the Week: Aden and Annie

This week, Class 2 have been learning how to stay safe on the gym apparatus and have explored different ways of travelling. They worked carefully, showing respect for other people’s space and safety. Well done!


Maths Investigations

Last week, Class 2 learnt about addition and subtraction, and did an investigation into adding three one-digit numbers.
We followed this problem:

The children worked in teams to throw beanbags and find out how they could reach the different totals. Great teamwork!

What totals can you see being made in the photos?


Flat Stanley Project

Stars of the Week: Samuel and Cecilia

Class 2 have made their own Flat Stanleys and are posting them to a school in Finland! This week, Samuel and Cecilia produced some fantastic letters to accompany our Flat Stanleys on their journey. We hope they have a safe trip!

We took our Stanleys on a trip around the school to see the sights and took some photos to send in Stanley’s envelope. We all wrote letters asking questions about the visit to Finland, and didn’t forget to include Stanley’s packed lunch. We are hoping our Stanleys arrive safely in Finland and will wait for a reply from the children there.


World Faiths Week Display

Stars of the Week: Joseph and Maia

Joseph and Maia have created some particularly thoughtful pieces of work for our Faiths Week display on Jewish New Year. Well done!

The class created apple pictures, as this is a traditional food at Rosh Hashanah, and wrote words that reflect Life in all its Fullness within the apples. We completed the art work with a watercolour wash over oil pastels.

We also wrote new year resolutions, thinking about how we can make our year in Class 2 the best ever! We made paper candles to frame our writing.