Why was the Tower of London built?

This term in history, we are learning about the Tower of London. This week, we learnt about William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The first part of the Tower was built soon after, in 1078.

We wrote letters from William the Conqueror to his builders, instructing them to build him the fortress.

Here are some of our letters:

Dear Builders,
I would like you to build me a fortress because I would like to keep those little London pests out. It should be built in London near the sea. It should be made from strong stone. The walls should be exactly ninety feet tall and fifteen feet thick. I’m writing this letter because I can’t come to London until the fortress is built. The windows should be so thin that only an arrow can fit through. There has to be a castle in the walls that is called The White Tower. Some of the stones should be from Normandy.
From King William the I.
(by Grace)

Dear Builders,
I want my castle to be in London. Make the walls to be ninety feet tall so those Londoners those nasty things don’t get in. I demand it to be made out of stone from France. Can the windows be small so the arrows can come out of the gaps?
From William the First.
(by Sebastian)

Dear Builders,
I want a tower to be built with stone from France. I want to have a castle because I don’t want any of those Londoners saying that I am not the king. So I need to protect myself. I want it to be built in London near the River Thames. I want the windows to be built like a cross so no people can get in. I need the walls to be very thick and tall as thirty metres.
From William the Conqueror.
(by Beatrix)

Dear Builders,
I need a castle built just outside London. I need it to have two hundred and ninety six steps on the stairs. The windows will be thin and it will be ninety feet tall. The walls will be fifteen feet thick. The stone will be from Normandy. There will be a huge wall around it with jails. I want those filthy Londoners thinking I’m strong and that I’m a good king.
From William the I.
(by Josh)

Dear Builders,
Build me a tower so it can protect me from those Londoners. It should be at the edge of London. The wall should be fifteen feet thick. The windows are narrow and the height is ninety feet high. Bring me stones from France because it is strong. I don’t want to die. You can also make it big and make an opening so good people can come inside. Build the tower big and build the tower strong.
From King William the Conqueror.
(by Danielle)


Rangoli Patterns

This week in maths, we linked our work on pattern and symmetry to Rangoli patterns, traditionally used in Hindu households to welcome guests. We worked in groups to create patterns, and challenged ourselves to create patterns with more than one line of symmetry.

Can you spot the lines of symmetry in these photos?


Having fun during International Week!

Here are some lovely photos of our class in international costumes.

Today we made Irish soda bread. Here are the instructions (written by class 2).
One cup of flour
half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
pinch of salt
half a cup of yoghurt

Heat the oven to 200 C.
1. Measure the dry ingredients into a bowl.
2. Mix well.
3. Pour the yoghurt into the dry ingredients.
4. Mix well.
5. On a lined baking sheet, shape the dough into a ball with floury hands.
6. Cut a cross on the top.
7. Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes.

We used bread to make sandwiches, choosing cheese, cucumber or margerine, or a combination!

Here are our favourite things about international week:

“We’re learning about Ireland and I’m from Ireland!”
“My favourite thing was when we learnt about the nature.”
“My favourite thing was when we got our picures taken because they were all pretty.”
“We got to wear different outfits. Mine was from Nigeria.”
“We got to take our photos because they all turned out really well.”
“We learnt the story of Finn McCool. I liked it when Finn McCool tried to throw a rock but he missed and it became the Isle of Mann.”
“I found out about the shamrock. It is the plant of Ireland and the three leaves look like hearts.”


Happy Easter Class 2!

Dear Class 2 families,

The class have worked very hard this week to write some Springtime poems for you!

We started by reading Spring Greens by Shirley Hughes, in her book Out and About.

We then took a nature walk through Redcross Gardens and took photos to inspire us.

We then wrote and published our own poems with illustrations. Here are some examples:

We really hope you enjoy the poems that are brought home today!

Wishing you all a very happy Easter,

Miss Dace and Rita


Zambezi Tales!

On Monday, Class 2 went to the Cadogan Hall to take part in Zambezi Tales with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. We found out about the instruments of the orchestra, listened to wonderful story-telling and joined in with the songs. It was an amazing experience!

Please read these letters written by members of Class 2 about the trip.

Dear Alster and Ava,
We were in our class room then it was time to go. When we were under ground we got on eight escalators and two trains. We were there at last. It was so big! Hilary the director told us some stuff. The lights went off everything went quiet and it was the first song. Have you ever been to a concert where you could sing? Our first song was In the Jungle. In the orchestra there was a harp,violins, cellos and a French horn. The harp was peaceful. It is made of gold! My favourite part was when the first song went on. How loud it was! We had a picture.
From Lola

Dear Clem,
When we arrived at the beautiful Cadogan Hall I was super excited. When we went in Hilary was there waiting for us. He introduced the small violins, booming African drums, tiny piccolo and loads more. Then the shining lights went down it had began! The drums were banging, cello was playing the violins were dancing and the strings of the harp so peaceful like angels. Then it stopped we could see the back of Hilary’s jacket. Have you played in a concert? The narrators came on stage. They told beautiful stories. We sang songs. How amazing it was to sing with a philharmonic orchestra! My favourite bit was singing Under the Baobab Tree.
Love from Elliot

Can you spot any exclamations or questions in their writing?
Can you find any exciting adjectives or adverbs?


Multiskills Festival

Year 2 had a great time practising athletics skills at the Multiskills Festival at The Castle Centre.


Parents’ Evening

Dear Families,

Please find below some resources and reminders about the Year 2 Curriculum that I hope you will find useful.

Maths: In the new term I will continue to provide a weekly overview of what we are learning in maths on the homework sheets, including ways to help at home.

Please follow the link below to see the school calculation policy, which explains clearly the methods the children use to understand the four operations.

School Calculation Policy

Handwriting: In the new term, I will send home information on the school handwriting style as I know how hard the class are working for their pen licences! The most important elements of handwriting are legibility, letters which are of a consistent size and spaces between words which reflect the size of the letters.

Grammar: Have a look at sentenceplay.co.uk for help with grammar. You will need a pen and paper to complete most of these games, so it’s a good opportunity to practise great handwriting!

Curriculum overview:


Merry Christmas!

We are reading The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg as we approach Christmas, and have written acrostic poems to describe the train and its magical journey.

This poem is by Beatrix:

Polar Express hop on board.
Open come in the Polar Express.
Last to come you’re very late!
Afraid we might fall out!
Rudolf comes racing past.

Elliot is on the Polar Express.
Xavi’s playing the xylophone.
Pizza is served on the Polar Express.
Rinks of ice for elves.
Enormous big train called the Polar Express rushing near the elves.
Santa chose one child to take one gift of Christmas.
Santa gives me a special bell.

We have also been printing some Christmas cards using block prints made of string and card. Here are a few examples:

A few photos from our Christmas party:

Merry Christmas from Class 2!


Year 2’s Explorers Quiz!

2 comments Written on December 20th, 2016

To finish off our geography and history topic on explorers and maps, we have made a class quiz! See if you can get all the answers right!


Experience Christmas at Southwark Cathedral

Last week, Class 2 were lucky enough to attend a day of Christmas story-telling, crafts and reflection at Southwark Cathedral. We had a wonderful time as the Cathedral volunteers helped us reflect on the story of Christmas at different stations around the Cathedral.

Here are some recounts of the day.

If you would like to add a reflection about what Christmas means to you please post it in the comments section.

Merry Christmas!