Peter Pan

Stars of the Week: Joseph and Romeo

This week in Class 2, we began a new English topic on Peter Pan. The class wrote detailed diary entries, describing their first sight of Neverland from the sky.

Playground Designers

Stars of the Week: Annie and Medhansh

This week in Class 2, we have been thinking about how to redesign the KS1 playground to make it fun, relaxing, safe and a great place to exercise. Well done to Annie and Medhansh who came up with great designs and presented their ideas clearly.

As well as making maps, we have been writing persuasive letters to Mrs Scott to share our ideas. They will be carefully edited today.

Jungle Reporters

This morning in Class 2, we researched facts about jungle animals to find out more about the reality behind the story of The Jungle Book. We used online sources and books in groups to gather facts, then wrote them on the autocue and chose a camera person and presenters to make our reports.

We hope you enjoy our reports and learn some new jungle facts!

Spring Collective Worship

Stars of the Week: All of Class 2

Well done to all of Class 2 for your confident, assured leading of collective worship on Friday. You showed excellent work in RE, English, art, geography, computing and music and should be very proud of your achievements.
Super star learners!

Mental Maths

We have been brushing up on our mental maths skills in Year 2 and have found some really fun games to help us! Use the links below and choose your level of challenge. Will you find number bonds to 20 or 100 today, or add two-digit numbers?

Use these links to practise your maths skills!

Angry Birds Times Tables

Use these websites to practise your spelling and grammar skills:

The Secret Garden

Stars of the Week: Kaspian and Leonna

This week, we used our book week text, The Secret Garden, as inspiration in art and created some beautiful sketches of the animals described in the story.

Animation Champions!

Stars of the Week: Canaan and Eliot

This week, Class 2 began learning how animation works, creating short stop-motion movies using the “I Can Animate” app. Canaan and Eliot worked brilliantly together, showing great perseverance when faced with the challenge of making a character move smoothly across the screen.

We will post some finished projects here later in the term – watch this space!

The Lord’s Prayer

Stars of the Week: Eayon and Pierce

This term, Class 2 have been finding out about the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer in RE. The class then wrote their own prayers to reflect on the different aspects of prayer, including giving thanks and asking for help.

Eayon’s prayer:
Dear God,
Thank you for all the things you gave us. I know you made the world and you’re our father. You know us and we know you. Amen.

Pierce’s prayer:
Dear God,
Please lead us on the right path and help us through bad times. We thank you for all the things we have. Please give others who do not have food and water all the things that they need and we thank you for all of our rights. Forgive us our trespasses and deliver us from evil. For ever and ever. Amen.


Stars of the Week: Chimamanda and Filip

Well done to Chimamanda and Filip for creating wonderful stories and cherry blossom artwork for our class display.

This term, Class 2 have been doing a topic on Japan. Our new display shows stories inspired by Japanese traditional tales, The Spider Weaver and The Princess and the Herdboy. These stories tell different myths of how clouds were created. We made our own stories about the creation of different things in nature, which you can read below!

Superstar Writers!

Stars of the Week: Constance and Remy

Well done to Constance and Remy for writing really engaging recounts of our trip to the National Gallery. Both children thought really carefully about punctuation and spelling, as well as making their writing exciting for the reader with adjectives and extra detail. Well done!

Here are the recounts for you to enjoy!