Class 2 visit the London CLC

Class 2 had a wonderful time at the London CLC. They had an adventure just getting there by riding on the tube. Once they arrived, they were shown how to use digital microscopes. They used the microscopes to observe different materials as well as their own bodies and even some plants!

Also, they took photos of themselves and used them to create geometric patterns. How much learning and fun can you have in one afternoon? Well, the answer is in the photos below.

One thought on “Class 2 visit the London CLC

  • 22/12/2016 at 1:31 pm

    Hello everyone 🙂 Its me Willyn from the last year 6 I just wanted to see what you guys are doing this year I heard that you went to visit the London CLC I saw all the pictures, it looked like you had so much fun. Hopefully I would have the time to see you all again.


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