The Lord’s Prayer

Stars of the Week: Joshua and Marwah

In RE this term, Class 2 is learning about the Lord’s Prayer. This week, we thought about the meaning of ‘daily bread’ and discussed all of the things people need to live well. Joshua and Marwah worked particularly hard on acrostic poems that show they know the meaning of the phrase ‘daily bread’.
Very thoughtful work, well done!

Here are their poems:
Thank you for
Blessings that are good.
Reading books that can be read.
Eating food for our health.
Air for us to breathe.
Delicious food for us to eat.
by Joshua

Thank you for
Bread for eating.
Rest to keep us healthy.
Eating food so we don’t starve.
Able to learn.
Deciding to do good choices.
by Marwah

If you’d like to write your own poem on the theme of ‘daily bread’ please post it in the comments section!

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