Autumn 1 Week 3 – Dragon Poems

Stars of the Week: Fintan and Saraea

This week in Class 2 we have been writing repetitive poems about dragons. The class got creative thinking about how to use expanded noun phrases to add detail to sentences, and have described some amazing beasts. Saraea used alliteration to great effect, and Fintan chose to introduce rhyme into his poem. Excellent work, superstars!

Read the poems by our stars here:

My dragon
My dragon has a winding tail
that’s covered in a heavy coat of mail.
My dragon has a spiky head
that fills everyone with dread.
My dragon has vivid eyes
that warn everyone to go and hide.
That is my dragon.
– by Fintain

My dragon
My dragon has a spiky head.
My dragon has big sharp shiny teeth with wings.
My dragon has a brown belly.
My dragon has a scaly tail.
My dragon has sharp shiny claws.
– by Saraea

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