Spring 2 Week 1 –

Stars of the Week: Nifemi and Morraya

Well done to Nifemi and Morraya who have returned to school this week with an excellent attitude and ready to try their best. Both children have been challenging themselves to write at greater length in English and thought carefully about how to improve their writing by adding description.

We have begun learning about Japanese traditional tales in English lessons, and wrote our own traditional tales inspired by The Princess and the Herdboy and The Spider Weaver.

Here are some super sentences from the stories Nifemi and Morraya wrote this week:

“The rainbow had very very beautful colour.” – Morraya

“Long, long ago lived a queen who sewed the stars for the Milky Way.” – Nifemi

Next week, we will be learning about the mathematician Ada Lovelace, our focus for Book Week!

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