Class 2 visit the London CLC

Class 2 had a wonderful time at the London CLC. They had an adventure just getting there by riding on the tube. Once they arrived, they were shown how to use digital microscopes. They used the microscopes to observe different materials as well as their own bodies and even some plants!

Also, they took photos of themselves and used them to create geometric patterns. How much learning and fun can you have in one afternoon? Well, the answer is in the photos below.

Class 2 the illustrators

Class 2 have been learning about the work of famous illustrators. They’ve researched the work of Beatrix Potter, Aaron Becker and Quentin Blake and learnt how these illustrators make their illustrations jump off the page.

Quentin Blake is most famous for illustrating the books of Roald Dahl. You can view some of Class 2’s Quentin-Blake-inspired designs by looking through the photographs below. You will see some famous characters as well as some completely original ones. Which is your favourite? Why?


Watch these videos to learn how to become a better illustrator:


Mission to Jupiter



Recently, it has been a very exciting time in astronomy as the Juno space-probe has finally arrived at Jupiter to start its observations. Jupiter is the Solar System’s largest planet and it’s never been studied in this much detail before.

Watch the video below to learn five amazing facts about Juno’s mission to Jupiter.

You can learn more about the mission by watching this video:

You can read more about Jupiter, and the rest of the Solar System, here.

You can visit Nasa’s official website here and read even more about the mission.