Book Bingo

As part of Book Week, all children in Class 2 have chosen a new Book Bingo card for their reading records. Everyone chose a bingo card that has several books they have never read on it. Each card also has two spaces where children can choose their own books to add to the card. We really look forward to seeing the books the children have chosen!

The books on the cards are widely available in the library or in shops. We also have a small selection of books at school that can be borrowed.

Class 2, Once you have read all the books on your card, tell an adult at school all about them and then you can get a new bingo card.

Happy reading!


Stars of the Week: Anashe and Stanley

This week in Class 2, we have been learning about fractions. We have been finding halves, quarters and thirds of shapes and numbers. Stanley and Anashe have applied themselves to their learning very enthusiastically, and have shown that they can reason clearly about different fractions. Well done maths superstars!


We have had a great time learning about Japan in art, geography and English this half term!

Today, we finished making 3D scenes with collage, inspired by The Great Wave by Hokusai. See if you can spot Mount Fuji in each piece of artwork.

London Fire Brigade

Stars of the Week: Christopher and Kosi

Yesterday, Class 2 had a visit from the London Fire Brigade. The class learnt about how the Fire Brigade keep people safe and also found out about good things to do for fire safety at home. The whole class listened and joined in brilliantly.

Well done to Christopher and Kosi who listened and took part really well.

For Parents: If you would like a home safety visit, free advice and free smoke alarms installed, please visit for more information.

Haiku poems

Stars of the Week: Helena and Iyad

As part of our English and geography topic on Japan, Class 2 have learnt to write haiku poems. They have 3 lines and seventeen syllables, and often describe the seasons and nature. Well done to Helena and Iyad for producing some very descriptive poems, choosing their vocabulary carefully to reflect their chosen season.

If you would like to have a go at writing a haiku, remember it needs three lines with five syllables in the first and last, and seven syllables in the middle. Post you work in the comments section to have it published on our blog!

The Lord’s Prayer

Stars of the Week: Joshua and Marwah

In RE this term, Class 2 is learning about the Lord’s Prayer. This week, we thought about the meaning of ‘daily bread’ and discussed all of the things people need to live well. Joshua and Marwah worked particularly hard on acrostic poems that show they know the meaning of the phrase ‘daily bread’.
Very thoughtful work, well done!

Here are their poems:
Thank you for
Blessings that are good.
Reading books that can be read.
Eating food for our health.
Air for us to breathe.
Delicious food for us to eat.
by Joshua

Thank you for
Bread for eating.
Rest to keep us healthy.
Eating food so we don’t starve.
Able to learn.
Deciding to do good choices.
by Marwah

If you’d like to write your own poem on the theme of ‘daily bread’ please post it in the comments section!

Happy New Year!

Stars of the Week: Anashe and Sapphire

Well done to Anashe and Sapphire who have returned to school ready to face new challenges in their learning and eager to try their best. Keep up the super attitude!

Writing Letters

Stars of the Week: Daniel and Olivia

This week, after watching the Nativity plays by Year 5 and Nursery and Reception, Class 2 wrote letters to show how much they enjoyed the performances. The letters were really excellent, using exciting vocabulary, questions and exclamations. Several children then went to read their letters to the classes they had written to and have their questions answered.

Well done!