Autumn 1 – Week 2

Stars of the Week: Krislyn and Joshua

This week we have been thinking about the Fruits of Friendship with God and making sure we make an extra effort to be kind to everyone. Well done Year 2 for being such fantastic friends to each other and treating everyone with respect.

In Maths we have been recapping our tens and ones and making sure we know our place value. Year 2 did a brilliant job of identifying how many tens and ones there were in a number. Keep practising this!

In English we have written some descriptions based on a book we read called You See a Circus by Mike Downs. We have been trying really hard to do joined up handwriting. Thank you to Margaret for displaying our work so creatively – if you look really carefully you will be able to see Year 2 riding the roller-coaster or the Ferris wheel!

Next week we will be continue to practise our place value. In particular, we will be looking at partitioning numbers and identifying how many ones, tens and even hundreds!

Autumn 1 – Week 1

Stars of the Week: Ava and Ethan

Well done to all of Class 2 for their fantastic attitude towards their education. It has been lovely to welcome everyone back to Cathedral School and get settled in our new classroom.

Class 2 have been very busy this week! What a lot of learning we have done and what a lot of fun we have had too!

We began our week by looking at some of our tricky words and using them in our sentences. Then we wrote some beautiful prayers for our Class Prayer book. We have been drawing some circus performers for our class display and we have been reading LOTS of stories!

Also this week we discussed the poem ‘Me’ by Swapna Haddow. It inspired us to write our own poems and celebrate all of the things that we love about ourselves! We look forward to sharing with you some photos of our poetry which will be going on display in our classroom.

Next week we are going to start reading our class text for this half term ‘Tell me a Dragon’ by Jackie Morris.


Today, we made block prints inspired by Hokusai’s 36 Views of Mount Fuji as part of our topic on Japan.

First, the children sketched a London landmark that can be seen from the Thames, then carved it onto a foam block with a pencil. Next we used printing inks and rollers to apply colour to the block, before printing the design onto paper.

Then we connected each piece of art into a panorama of the River Thames!

Well done, Class 2!

Spring 2 Week 3 – Collective Worship

Stars of the Week: All of Class 2

Well done to all of Class 2 who demonstrated their creativity and passion for learning in our Collective Worship this week. It was wonderful!

Next week we will be learning… about the famous biologist, Charles Darwin, as part of our topic on living things and their habitats.

Last week, Class 2 really enjoyed book week and found out all about Ada Lovelace, the inventor of the first programming language. The class thought about jobs they would like to have in the future and wrote riddle poems to describe the jobs. They also wrote letters to people who have their ideal job.

Book Day was jam-packed with reading activities! We shared our writing with Class 1, read with Class 6, had story time with Debbie and teachers from other classes. The book character costumes were spectacular too!

Spring 2 Week 2 – Reptile Life!

Stars of the Week: Anderson and Charles

This week we had a visit from Reptile Life and met some amazing animals, including two kinds of tortoise, a boa constrictor, a skunk, a bearded dragon and a tenrec. Charles and Anderson asked thoughtful questions and behaved brilliantly around the animals. Both children have also been doing their own reading and research about habitats and food chains to help with our science topic this term.

Super scientists, well done!

Spring 2 Week 1 –

Stars of the Week: Nifemi and Morraya

Well done to Nifemi and Morraya who have returned to school this week with an excellent attitude and ready to try their best. Both children have been challenging themselves to write at greater length in English and thought carefully about how to improve their writing by adding description.

We have begun learning about Japanese traditional tales in English lessons, and wrote our own traditional tales inspired by The Princess and the Herdboy and The Spider Weaver.

Here are some super sentences from the stories Nifemi and Morraya wrote this week:

“The rainbow had very very beautful colour.” – Morraya

“Long, long ago lived a queen who sewed the stars for the Milky Way.” – Nifemi

Next week, we will be learning about the mathematician Ada Lovelace, our focus for Book Week!

Spring 1 Week 6 – The Jungle Book

Stars of the Week: Funmi and Terrence

This week Class 2 have been creating kennings about jungle animals and turning them into riddles. Funmi and Terrence both produced excellent poems, thinking carefully about how to give clues to describe their chosen animal.

Who am I?
slow mover,
Dangerous hunter,
Meat eater,
Loud growler,
Great teacher,
Sharp feaster.
Baloo the Brown Bear

by Funmi

Who am I?
Great hunter,
Fast runner,
Fierce hunter,
Dangerous scratcher.
Bagheera the Black Panther

by Terrence

After half term we are learning… about Japan. We will study the geography, read Japanese traditional tales in English and explore the art traditions.