The Great Fire of London

Today, Class 2 went to the Museum of London to learn more about the Great Fire of London. We spent time exploring in the museum before taking part in a workshop. The class got to investigate real objects from the Seventeenth Century, and helped to act out the story of the Fire.

Well done, Class 2 – your knowledge of this time in history is extremely impressive!


Stars of the Week: Max and Nathan

This term in science, Class 2 are finding out about plants. Everyone has planted their own sunflower, broad bean or mung bean, and has started a diary to observe how the seedling grows and changes. We also set up an experiment to find out about the effect of light on seedling growth. We made predictions about how the seedlings will grow inside the light maze. Our stars of the week observed changes closely and gave good reasons for their predictions.
Well done!

Happy Easter!

In class 2, we have been writing poems inspired by our scientific observation of Redcross Gardens in Spring. We also made flower collages to decorate Easter cards.

We hope you enjoy our poetry and art work. Happy Easter, everyone!

Science Week!

Year 2 had a very busy science week, beginning with a visit to a planetarium in the school hall!

The children wrote reports for the blog about the experience. Here are some great examples:

Today was the best day ever. I went in a planetarium. It was amazing. I saw lots of stars. I saw lots of planets. I saw a galaxy which is called a Milky Way. I really want to be an astronaut. There’s another galaxy called a Whirlpool. Astronauts can see all this. I want to read lots of books about space.
By India

In the planetarium I was shocked. It was extremely dark and full of stars. We learnt about lots of planets and also we learnt that the stars were born in the nebula. I was so inspired that it made me think about me being an astronaut and discovering more and more exciting things.
By Iyad

Today we went inside a planetarium. When we went inside it I saw so many stars. It was amazing. I loved it. I learnt all the planets in the Milky Way. Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Earth and all the others. I also learnt that a nebula is a place where stars are born. I learnt our galaxy is called the Milky Way. Two thousand years ago people could see dogs and hunters in the stars. Today you can still see the dogs, the hunters and the bulls that they saw.
By Sebastian

When I stepped inside the hall I saw a planetarium. We stepped inside and it was really dark. We learnt the names of the planets. Now we know that planetariums need darkness. Nebula means where a star is born. Stars are made of gas. We live in the Milky Way. The sun is a star. When you go in a planetarium you learn everything you need to know about the stars. The planetarium’s stars are amazing. It has hundreds of stars. We had to sit under the stars.
By Henry E.

In the hall the unexpected happened. When we were in the hall it was dark. We learnt about space. We learnt about planets. The sun is a star. The stars are made out of gas and it glows. The sun is very far from Earth.

This afternoon there was a planetarium in the hall. When I first stepped into the planetarium it was filled with darkness. When the first picture appeared it boomed in my eyes and suddenly a shot trickled down my spine. It freaked me. I saw Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Earth, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune and Mercury. I learnt where the stars were born. It is a nebula. I learnt that our galaxy is the Milky Way. I learnt that there are different gases in space.
By Yvette

When I went to the planetarium it was enormous. I stepped inside and a whole new glimmering world was behind me. It was so beautiful. The astrophysicist told us that it will be very dark. We learnt about many planets like Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Earth. That’s why I want to be an astronaut.
By Marwah

Today something amazing happened. We went in a planetarium. I saw galaxies, planets and stars. There were different types of stars. I saw a nebula where stars are born. I saw a new glimmering world. I saw shapes and animals made from stars. I saw Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Earth, Pluto – dwarf planet, Uranus, Neptune and Mercury. I learnt that nebula wad made of gas. I was inspired to be an astronaut and explore more.
By Sarah

When I entered the planetarium it was dark. We looked at lots of stars. We got to look at Jupiter. We looked at different stars. We looked at a bear. We looked at where stars are born. It was fun.
By Kosi

When I entered the hall it was dark and spooky. When I went inside a door it was full of darkness. It was a planetarium. We learnt lots of things. We learnt about Pluto and other planets. Pluto is a dwarf planet. A nebula is a place where stars are born. Our galaxy is called the Milky Way.
By Selena

We also had a visit from Dr. Neil who works at Great Ormond Street Hospital. We learnt lots about being a doctor! Here are some photos of the visit.

Class 2 conducted an experiment into the effects of static electricity, using the story Matilda as inspiration.

The children decided to take the experiment further by seeing if the force of the balloon’s static electricity would work on other materials too.

The children were also invited to take part in the science poster competition on the theme of ‘Journeys’. Here are some entries from Class 2:

What a scientific week in Class 2! Have a look at our Easter blog post too for some science-inspired Spring poems.

The Tower of London

Stars of the Week: All of Class 2

Well done to all of Class 2 for participating so well during our trip to the Tower of London recently. The class have produced lots of fantastic writing as a result of their trip, and have been busily researching the life of a medieval knight and finding out about the royal menagerie.

Book Week!

Stars of the Week: Maidie and Selena

Well done to Class 2 for producing some fantastic writing and artwork during Book Week! Both Maidie and Selena wrote and published their stories based on under the sea settings to an extremely high standard. Their writing is now on display in the KS1 corridor as part of our fantastic Flotsam display.

On Book Day, Class 2 also enjoyed buddy reading with Class 6. The children shared books and their own writing, listening and discussing the texts they had chosen.

Settings under the sea

Stars of the week: Iyad and Marwah

This week in art, we have been making under the sea scenes in response to our Book Week text, Flotsam by David Weisner. Iyad and Marwah both produced some very detailed drawings of sea creatures and made beautful textured backgrounds by painting and printing. Well done!

Check back soon to see photos of our finished display!

Book Bingo

As part of Book Week, all children in Class 2 have chosen a new Book Bingo card for their reading records. Everyone chose a bingo card that has several books they have never read on it. Each card also has two spaces where children can choose their own books to add to the card. We really look forward to seeing the books the children have chosen!

The books on the cards are widely available in the library or in shops. We also have a small selection of books at school that can be borrowed.

Class 2, Once you have read all the books on your card, tell an adult at school all about them and then you can get a new bingo card.

Happy reading!


Stars of the Week: Anashe and Stanley

This week in Class 2, we have been learning about fractions. We have been finding halves, quarters and thirds of shapes and numbers. Stanley and Anashe have applied themselves to their learning very enthusiastically, and have shown that they can reason clearly about different fractions. Well done maths superstars!