Summer 1 Week 5 – A Boy and a Bear in a Boat

Stars of the Week: Jacob and Eyoel

In class 3, we have really enjoyed our class text, A Boy and a Bear in a Boat, by Dave Shelton. This week, we have started writing dramatic sequels to the story, including lots of exciting vocabulary and descriptions.
We hope you enjoy these extracts!

Next week in Class 3… we are looking forward to celebrating History Day on Wednesday, and having a workshop with the poet Neil Zetter on Friday!

Summer 1 Week 4 – Swimming!

Stars of the Week: All of Class 3

Well done to all of Class 3 for making such a fantastic start to swimming lessons this week! Everyone was so enthusiastic and willing to challenge themselves. The swimming instructors said they were so impressed with everyone’s positivity and great attitude to learning. Great work, swimming superstars!

Summer 1 Week 3 – Fractions

Stars of the week: Cam’ron T and Ethan

This week, Class 3 have been learning about fractions, and have begun adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. Well done Cam’ron and Ethan for your excellent efforts and for explaining your reasoning. Keep it up, superstars!

Summer 1 Week 2 – Old Testament People

Stars of the Week: Cruz and Sean

This term in RE, we are learning about some of the key people from the Old Testament, and considering what their stories teach about faith in God. This week, we compared the stories of Daniel in the Lion’s Den, and Jonah and the Whale, and thought about how they each responded to challenges to their faith. Sean and Cruz thought very carefully about the stories and discussed Daniel and Jonah’s feelings and motives. Keep up the hard work, superstars!

Next week in Class 3… we will be continuing with our science investigation into plants’ requirements for life, and exploring the function of different parts of plants.

Summer 1 Week 1 – Surrealist Art

Stars of the Week: Aarav and Belen

This week, Class 3 have started a new art topic on Surrealism! We looked at some famous Surrealist paintings and talked about what made them surreal. Then we had a go at some of the games the Surrealists would play in order to unleash their creativity. Have a look at some of our sketchbooks below.
Aarav and Belen have returned to school with a fantastic attitude, asking thoughtful questions and sharing their ideas with the class. Keep it up, superstars!

Spring 2 Week 6 – DT Roman Structures

Class 3 have been creating model Roman Baths this term in DT! They learnt a range of joining and strengthening techniques, including how to make columns, supports and tabs. Once the models were finished, the class used Powerpoint to create fact labels for the baths then attached them to the models.

Some of the models, as well as our brilliant Roman newspaper reports, will be on display in class soon.

Here are some photos of the finished Roman Baths.

Spring 2 Week 4 – Spanish

Stars of the Week: Scarlett and Tabitha

This term in Spanish, Class 3 have learnt to say the names of ten animals! Tabitha and Scarlett joined in really confidently speaking and listening in Spanish this week, remembering to use the correct article ‘un’ or ‘una’. Muy bien!

Next week in Class 3… we will continue our learning about magnetism by creating our own temporary compasses!
Year 3, please bring in plastic milk bottle tops to help with this.

Spring 2 Week 3 – Science Experiments and the Museum of London!

Stars of the Week: Ava and Masroor

Class 3 have had such a busy week creating artwork for our Book Week display; conducting science experiments into magnetism; then visiting the Museum of London to learn about Roman London. Well done to Ava and Masroor for investigating the past with so much enthusiasm and attention to detail during our trip.

Please see below for photos of our visit and our science experiments. Check the blog next week to see our finished Book Week display!

We found out about the Roman invasion of Britain and the Roman way of life by investigating the artefacts on display at the Museum of London.

We conducted some experiments to prove that magnetism is a force that can act at a distance.

Next week in Class 3… We will continue learning about the Romans in DT as we construct model Roman Baths!

Spring 2 Week 2 – Book Week!

Stars of the Week: Mason and Rosa

Class 3 have had a fantastic time celebrating Book Week!

We read ‘Portrait of a Dragon’ by Moira Andrew, and used her poem as inspiration for our own dragon poems. First, we gathered lots of vocabulary using magazine cuttings, house paint samples and photos of the natural world. Then we thought about how to emphasise our favourite words and images with the way our poems were laid out. We also thought carefully about how poems sound when read aloud.

Here’s a video of some excerpts from our poems. The completed poems will be on display in the corridor, in a class book and on our blog next week. We hope you enjoy them!

We’ve really enjoyed being buddy readers in Nursery this week, and have been following the egg hatching in the library with great excitement! Here are some photos.

Here are our wonderful costumes!

Spring 2 Week 1 – Fantastic Fact Files

Stars of the Week: Rosa and Scarlett

This week in English, Class 3 has been working on researching and writing non-fiction texts about wildlife. Scarlett and Rosa both did an excellent job of researching their chosen animal, then turning their mind map into a non-chronological report.

Next week in Class 3… it’s Book Week! We’ll be taking part in a wide range of book-related activities, and look forward to dressing up for Book Day on Friday!