Summer 1 Week 2- Pollution

Star of the week: Anton and Dawud

On Wednesday, Class 3 visited the CLC. As a class, they discussed pollution in London and looked at data that showed the Nitrogen Dioxide levels in local schools. Using the data and ‘Purple Mash’ they then created a comic about their findings.


Star of the week: All of Class 3

Before the Easter holidays, Class 3 performed a choreographed dance at Rambert. All of the class performed with great professionalism, and had lots of fun. As a class we are continuing our dance sessions this half term so watch this space for another fantastic performance!

Spring 2 Week 3- Class 3’s 3-D Shape Museum


Star of the week: Saskia and Salma

Class 3 have been learning a lot about shapes this week. On Tuesday, we created our own 3-D shape museum. Using modelling materials and nets of shapes, we created a range of 3-D shapes and presented them to each other. Below are some photos of a very proud Class 3 showing off their shape knowledge and modelling skills!

Class 3, write down the names of some of the shapes we made and their properties below.


Spring 2 Week 2- Roman Rampage!

Star of the week:Josh and Theo

During book week Class 3 have been reading ‘Romans on the Rampage’ by Jeremy Strong. We are all really enjoying it! Based on this book, we have been writing setting descriptions. Watch this space for our book week display!

Spring 2 Week 1- Written in Bone (Museum of London).

Star of the week:All of Class 3

On Tuesday, Class 3 visited the Museum of London to learn all about the Romans. Before lunch, we had the opportunity to explore the Roman part of the museum and complete a range of activities. After lunch, Class 3 participated in a wonderful workshop where they discovered interesting stories and facts about the Romans through archaeological findings. Amazingly, some of the remains that we looked at had been discovered in the local area!

Class 3, please comment below on what your favourite part of our day at the Museum of London was.

Spring 1 Week 4: Candlemas

Star of the week: All of Class 3

Last Friday, Class 3 led the Candlemas service at Southwark Cathedral. They wrote beautiful reflections and prayers, and led the service exactly as they had been asked to. Class 3, you should be extremely proud of yourselves, you did a fabulous job. Well done!

Spring 1 Week 2- Art week

Star of the week: Zara and Saskia

Last week during ‘Art week’ Class 3 used a range of techniques to create the amazing pieces of work that you can see in the photos below.  We used printing for our background and collage for our rivers. Class 3, which technique did you enjoy using the most?


Spring 1 Wk 1: Extra Extra, Read All About It!!!

In English, Class 3 have been learning about newspapers. We have been thinking about the difference between facts and opinions, identifying the features a newspaper article and looking in more detail at what an orientation includes.

Star of the week: Zachary and Desmond

Class 3, can you identify the layout features of the newspaper article below? Where is the headline? How is it set out? What else can you see?