Autumn 2 Week 3- Fractions

In Maths this week, Class 3 have been learning all about fractions. Not only have they been finding fractions of amounts but we have also been looking at recognising pairs of fractions that add up to one; adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominators and comparing and ordering fractions. Everyone in Class 3 has worked really hard on their fractions work- Well done Class 3!

Star of the week: Franklin and Danielle

Class 3, create some of your own addition and subtraction questions with illustrations like the one above.


Autumn 2 Week 2: The Beginning of an Adventure.

This week, Class 3 have started to write their own adventure stories. After using post-it note planning to jot down their fantastic ideas, Class 3 wrote their first two paragraphs (the introduction and the build-up). They were given a story opener (below) and asked to continue the story by using lots of descriptions, and fronted adverbials.

Story Opener

Delicately, I placed my finger on the cold, damp stone. Trailing my finger over the carefully carved lines, I thought about how, many years ago, someone had stood here and created this masterpiece. Suddenly, my body began to tingle and a fuzzy feeling filled my limbs. BANG!  I landed with a bump… in the Stone Age!

Watch this space for our finished stories!

Star of the week: Dawud and Meadow


Autumn 2 Week 1: Our New Learning Journey

Class 3 have started this half term with a BANG, as this week we have done lots of new learning. In English, we have looked at the features of an adventure story as we will be writing our own adventure stories this half term. To identify the features of an adventure story we looked at Anthony Browne’s book, The Tunnel. In addition to this, Class 3 have also learnt how to write fronted adverbials; how to use semicolons for lists and have learnt how to write in the present perfect tense. What an amazing start to this half term Class 3, well done!

Star of the week: Theo and Aldara

 Class 3, what features did you identify? 


Autumn 1 Week 7

Class 3 have had a very busy but successful time this week.We began by completing our London buses, which look amazing. They demonstrate what can be achieved when you work together as part of a team. In addition to this, Class 3 also did magnificently well during their Collective Worship on Wednesday- Well done Class 3!

Star of the week: All of Class 3


Autumn 1 Week 6 – Beep beep, bus coming through!

What an action packed week we’ve had in Class 3 this week. We’ve had lots of fun making a red, London bus as part of Design & Technology week. Firstly, we had to use the nets of 3-D shapes to build the base for our bus. After that, we got messy with Mod-Roc to create a more solid foundation to decorate. As you can see from the photos below, we’ve not finished yet but watch this space to see the finished outcome!

Class 3, what have you enjoyed most about Design & Technology week?

Star of the week: Beatrix and Elliot


Autumn 1 Week 5- Instruction Writing.

This week Class 3 have written instructions on how to make a tasty fruit salad using fruits that we discovered are grown in the Great British countryside. As the fruit salad was made, Class 3 made notes on the equipment needed, the ingredients used and the method. After that, we enjoyed eating it!

Class 3, write some adjectives or sentences below to describe our fruit salad.

Star of the week: Saskia and Gabriel


Autumn 1 Week 3- Information Investigators!

One of our highlights in Class 3 this week has been learning about what ‘information’ actually is, and identifying the features of information books and leaflets. Using our computing skills, we have now started to collect research on the British countryside. Next week, we will use this information to write a fact file.

Class 3, I would like you to share some of your fascinating facts below. What did you find out?

Stars of the Week: Xavier and Lola


Autumn 1 week 2 – Kung Fu Punctuation

In English this week, Class 3 have been very busy learning about different types of sentences and how to punctuate them correctly.  To help us to remember our punctuation marks, a Kung Fu master taught us the moves! Class 3 focused on full stops, capital letters, the use of commas for lists, exclamation marks and question marks. The photos below illustrate us practising our Kung Fu.  Firstly, we edited  paragraphs and sentences that had punctuation missing (using a green pen of course). Then, we checked our work using our Kung Fu punctuation moves.

Below, you will also notice some photos of our finished artwork from World Faith week. Our Rangoli patterns (created with pasta) have been a great success and many of them will be displayed in the classroom or in the hall. Super work Class 3!

Stars of the Week: Swithun and Grace



Autumn Week 1- World Faith Week

In Class 3 this week we have had lots of fun learning about Hinduism and Sikhism. Our World Faith week theme was “Life in all its Fullness”, in Class 3 we focus on this in relation to festivals. The photos below illustrate a range of different activities whilst learning about Vaisakhi (Sikh festival), the Holi festival (Hindu) and Diwali (Hindu). Class 3, it is your job to explain each activity to your parents, as well as which festival it relates to.

Stars of the Week: All of Class 3!

What is the photo showing and why?


International Week in Class 3

Wow, what a busy International week we’ve had in Class 3! We have been learning about the United States of America (U.S.A) and have had lots of fun doing so. Do you agree Class 3?


In Maths, we have learnt how to use nets (made up of 2-D shapes) to build 3-D shapes. Using the cubes we made, we have begun to create an Empire State building.

During our English lessons, we have been writing our own contemporary fiction story about a young boy or girl who lives in London but has to move to New York. Before we could write, we used post-it note planning to jot down all of our fantastic descriptions. Here is a photo of our plans!

In addition to all of this, we used Ipads to find the names and locations of famous landmarks from all over America. Class 3, can you name one of the landmarks we looked at below and tell me where it is?