Autumn 1 Week 1- A Super Start!

Star of the week: All of Class 3.

Class 3 have been working very hard this week, and have adapted well to life in Class 3 (and Key Stage 2). All pupils have refined their dictionary skills, identified multiples of 2,5 and 10, as well as recognising the place value of 3-digit numbers. In addition to their fantastic learning, they have ALL demonstrated excellent listening skills and have had a positive start to this academic year. Keep up the good work Class 3!


Summer 2 Week 5- Super Sports Week!

Star of the Week: All of Class 3!

Class 3 have been extremely energetic this week as all our learning has been based around sport.

In Maths, Class 3 collected data and practised throwing the javelin at the same time. This data will now be used to produce a number of charts and graphs.

She shoots, she scores! Class 3 have been writing setting descriptions in English. After watching some video clips from the Women’s World Cup, they imagined that they were playing in the cup final and described their experience.

In addition to all of this, Class 3 have also:

*Created fantastic obstacle courses using Poddley.
*Used their skills to coach Reception in how to use a bat and ball.
*Completed a running event with Hannah.

Summer 2 Week 4- King Vortigern

Star of the week: Maia and Canaan


Based on our class text, The King who Threw Away his Throne by Terry Deary, Class 3 have written some wonderful character descriptions. Yesterday, we focused on using actions to describe King Vortigern. Here are some examples of the amazing writing that pupils in Class 3 have produced.

Constance– ‘When he moved down a corridor, his cloak parted to reveal short legs.’

Canaan– ‘Vortigern was very old. In fact, he was 96 years old! When he washed, you could see his ribs through his pale skin. He staggered when he walked. ‘

Pierce– ‘The foolish greedy man was very arrogant when it came to girls. He would say things that weren’t true. If he saw a girl he would act strong and bold, he would speak in a deep, loud voice but inside he was weak.’

Maia– ‘To show off his wealth and status he would invite hundreds of people to his palace and then boast endlessly.’

Christina– ‘Regularly, King Vortigern would play a game of chess with his son, Faustus… Sneakily, he limped over to his son’s chair and put him in checkmate.’




Summer 2 Week 2- Persuasive Writing.

Star of the week: Lyonna and Filip

Class 3 have been writing persuasive letters this week. In their writing, they have used a range of persuasive devices such as rhetorical questions, emotive language, repetition, groups of three and personal pronouns. As well as having to remember to include persuasive techniques, Class 3 also included the layout features of a letter.
You’ve worked really hard on your letters Class 3, well done!

Here are some examples of our writing:

Lyonna (Paragraph 1):

As you know, it’s nearly time for us to leave Class 3, so please can you treat us to P.E. at the best place ever? We really want a treat like this. Plus, it’s also an opportunity for us to do more laps and to prove that our fitness has improved...

Filip (Paragraph 2):

Don’t you like the Marlborough? It is a great place to be and get lots of exercise. Also, cricket balls won’t get lost therefore there’s more money for other equipment. As well as P.E,   we can also do more geography work on compass points and much more! 



Summer 2 Week 1- Kung Fu Punctuation!

Star of the week: Samantha and Aya-Grace.

Class 3 have been practising punctuating sentences this week. They have used lots of different types of punctuation marks such as; Commas, apostrophes (for possession and contractions), ellipses, inverted commas, question marks and exclamation marks. In order to remember what they look like, they have learnt Kung Fu Punctuation from their Kung Fu master! All of Class 3 worked hard to remember their moves, and identify when to use them. Excellent work, Class 3!

Summer 1 Week 5- Poetry Week

Star of the week: Chimamanda and Fabian

In English, Class 3 have been celebrating poetry week by using lots of poetic devices to write their own poems.
We began by looking at a poem called ‘ On the London Bus’ by Josie Whitehead. After identifying that the poem included repetition and rhyme, we then began writing our own poems using the same features. However, we changed the theme of the poem and wrote about our recent experience on the London Eye. Later today, we will be sharing our poems with Class 2! Here are some examples of our work:


The London Eye

Isn’t it fun on the London Eye?

It’s large like a great big ball!

When you get to the top,

the people are very small.


Isn’t it fun on the London Eye?

The experience is like watching an electric Eel.

It moves very slowly,

although nobody minds because it’s a massive wheel.


Isn’t it fun on the London Eye?

Spinning round and round.

You can only go on once,

So it’s sad when you get back to the ground.

By Fabian


Isn’t it fun on the London Eye?

Above me I can see the sky.

People are in glistening pods,

and the birds fly very high.


Isn’t it fun on the London Eye?

I love my experience here.

Below me I see the River Thames,

we are very near.


Isn’t it fun on the London Eye?

It goes round and round.

People are walking to their destination,

I can see them looking like ants on the ground.


By Chimamanda