Spring 2 Week 4- Romans on the Rampage!

Star of the week: Leonna and Constance.

Inspired by World Book day, Class 3 wrote a setting description based on the book ‘Romans on the Rampage’ by Jeremy Strong. They used a range of descriptive devices, ambitious vocabulary and their knowledge of a Roman amphitheatre to set the scene for their description. Here are a couple of short extracts, followed by some photos.


As I enter the wonderful amphitheatre for the first time ever, the crowd roars with cheers as if they’ve known me for their whole life! I felt more confident knowing that the crowd was going to cheer me on.  I could see the grubby ground below me …


Positively trembling with excitement, I gripped the reins of my horses tightly. The colour of the jewels on the horses reflected off the walls. As I stepped into the oval- shaped arena for the first time, I felt excited and afraid at the same time. The pillars towered above me…


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