Summer 1 Week 5- Poetry Week

Star of the week: Chimamanda and Fabian

In English, Class 3 have been celebrating poetry week by using lots of poetic devices to write their own poems.
We began by looking at a poem called ‘ On the London Bus’ by Josie Whitehead. After identifying that the poem included repetition and rhyme, we then began writing our own poems using the same features. However, we changed the theme of the poem and wrote about our recent experience on the London Eye. Later today, we will be sharing our poems with Class 2! Here are some examples of our work:


The London Eye

Isn’t it fun on the London Eye?

It’s large like a great big ball!

When you get to the top,

the people are very small.


Isn’t it fun on the London Eye?

The experience is like watching an electric Eel.

It moves very slowly,

although nobody minds because it’s a massive wheel.


Isn’t it fun on the London Eye?

Spinning round and round.

You can only go on once,

So it’s sad when you get back to the ground.

By Fabian


Isn’t it fun on the London Eye?

Above me I can see the sky.

People are in glistening pods,

and the birds fly very high.


Isn’t it fun on the London Eye?

I love my experience here.

Below me I see the River Thames,

we are very near.


Isn’t it fun on the London Eye?

It goes round and round.

People are walking to their destination,

I can see them looking like ants on the ground.


By Chimamanda



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