Summer 2 Week 4- King Vortigern

Star of the week: Maia and Canaan


Based on our class text, The King who Threw Away his Throne by Terry Deary, Class 3 have written some wonderful character descriptions. Yesterday, we focused on using actions to describe King Vortigern. Here are some examples of the amazing writing that pupils in Class 3 have produced.

Constance– ‘When he moved down a corridor, his cloak parted to reveal short legs.’

Canaan– ‘Vortigern was very old. In fact, he was 96 years old! When he washed, you could see his ribs through his pale skin. He staggered when he walked. ‘

Pierce– ‘The foolish greedy man was very arrogant when it came to girls. He would say things that weren’t true. If he saw a girl he would act strong and bold, he would speak in a deep, loud voice but inside he was weak.’

Maia– ‘To show off his wealth and status he would invite hundreds of people to his palace and then boast endlessly.’

Christina– ‘Regularly, King Vortigern would play a game of chess with his son, Faustus… Sneakily, he limped over to his son’s chair and put him in checkmate.’




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