Autumn 2 Week 1 – The National Gallery

Stars of the Week: All of Class 3

Class 3 had a fantastic trip to the National Gallery on Thursday! We had a guided tour of some of the paintings, and learnt about how a painting is made. Then each group had the chance to choose some paintings that they’d like to sketch. We also had a great time looking at the lions and fountains in Trafalgar Square!

Here are some of our reflections from the day:

Ed taught us that Vincent van Gogh loved yellow. – Aarav

Ed taught us that the oldest picture in the gallery was 700 years old! – Chiugo

I liked sketching the boats and the woman on the chair because sketching old pictures is one of my favourite things. – Marcia

At Trafalgar Square I saw the Canadian flag, two water fountains and a whipped ice cream with a fly and a drone on it! – Gabrielle

Ed told us if you put gold leaf around a picture and light it with candles, it glows. – Ethan

I really liked looking at pictures and sketching them because sketching helps you to look closely at the picture. – Hudson

Ed showed us the racing horse called Whistlejacket. – Cam’ron

Next week in Class 3… We will be finding out how archaeologists know about prehistoric life by looking at cave paintings.

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