Autumn 1 Week 3 – English

Stars of the Week: Menata and Ted

This week in English, we have continued to read our class text ‘Oliver and the Seawigs’. We looked at the use of sarcasm by the Sarcastic Seaweed to then use sarcasm in playscripts. We played the characters of Oliver, Iris and the Seaweed, with the Seaweed being sarcastic to Oliver and Iris. We wrote our own playscripts independently and then we were put into groups of three, where we edited our playscripts and wrote one as a group. Please see our videos of our acting below!

Autumn 1 Week 2 – Art

Stars of the Week: Lenni and Ben

This week in Art, we have started our topic of Vincent van Gogh. First, we discussed what we already know about this artist, then we learnt about his life and his paintings. We looked at some examples of his work, including his self-portraits, his paintings of peasants, the sunflowers and Starry Night. We discussed his use of lines in his art. We then created a bank of textures using a variety of lines in our own work.

Autumn 1 Week 1 – Start of term

Stars of the Week: Xanthe and Oscar

Welcome Class 3 parents! We have had a lovely first week in Class 3. In maths, we have been working on our understanding of place value and partitioning 3 digit numbers into the hundreds, tens and ones. In english, we have started our class text ‘Oliver and the Seawigs.’ We have also created a self portrait in art for a classroom display – photos incoming once the display is finished!

Summer 2 Week 7

We have had a lovely last week in Class 3. On Thursday afternoon, we made milkshakes as part of our DT lesson. We had the choice of banana, strawberry or chocolate. We then enjoyed them in the peace garden.

I cannot believe that it is the end of the school year – the year has flown by! Thank you parents for all of your support over the past year, from reading with your children, to supporting them with their homework. I hope you all have a lovely and restful summer holidays.

Summer 2 Week 6 – Maths

Stars of the Week: Younis and Yoki

This week in Class 3, we have finished the topic of telling the time in maths. It has been so great to see everyone’s confidence in the time improve and to hear at random points of the day pupil’s telling each other what the time is, in both digital and analogue. Please encourage your children to continue telling the time over the summer holidays.

I cannot believe that we only have one week left of Class 3 and that we only have one more blog of the school year!

Summer 2 Week 5 – Sports Day!

Stars of the Week: Malique and Phoebe

This week has been Sports Week and we have had the best time! On Monday and Thursday we have played rounders against each other and against Class 4. On Thursday afternoon we had Sports Day. All pupils took part and all pupils had a smile on their face throughout. It was so lovely to see everyone trying their best and enjoying themselves. Photos incoming…

Summer 2 Week 4 – Maths

Stars of the Week: Gerard and Heidi

This week in class 3, we have been working on telling the time. We have developed our confidence greatly with this skill. We all know that the long hand is the minute hand while the short hand is the hour hand. We know how many seconds are in a minute, how many minutes are in an hour and how many hours are in a day. We also know how many days are in each month.

Summer 2 Week 3 – Farm trip

Stars of the Week: Ruby and Noah

On Wednesday we went to Tuesley Farm and we had the best day! We ate a picnic lunch over looking the fruit farm and were given delicious treats of cupcakes, cookies and flapjacks. We spent two hours fruit picking blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. We ate lots of fruit whilst we picked them! We had lots and lots of fruit to take home and to make into a fruit crumble at school.

Summer 2 Week 2 – Drama

Stars of the Week: Justin and Arabella

This week in english we have studied Hansel and Gretel by the Royal Opera House. We have done lots of singing and dancing, including vocal warm ups and acting out parts of the story to music. We have really enjoyed the lessons this week and getting out of our comfort zone.

Next Wednesday we are going on a school trip to the farm which we are really excited about!

Summer 2 Week 1 – Science

Stars of the Week: Miriam and Rory

This week in class 3, we conducted a science experiment on how plants transport water. This process is called transpiration. We mixed food colouring with water and placed celery in the water. The aim of the experiment was to see the water going up the celery and the celery would change colour due to the food dye. Unfortunately, the experiment did not show us as obvious results as we hoped! However, we had lots of fun conducting it.