Spring 1 Week- Collaborative Learning.

Star of the week: Samuel and Leonna

Class 3 have been working on combining their knowledge of the River Thames with their computing skills. This week, Class 3 were lucky enough to have some assistance from their peers in Class 5. With the help of Class 5, they added images, videos and transitions to their PowerPoint presentations. As a result, they all have an informative PowerPoint. Thank you for your help Class 5.

Well done Class 3, keep up the good work.


Spring 1 Week 5- Sorting Soil!

Star of the week: Christina and Eayon

In our Science lesson this week, Class 3 got very messy identifying different types of soil.
They were given four different types, and tested each one using water and their hands!
Using this simple test, they attempted to classify each as either loamy, silty, clayey or sandy soil.
It was lots of fun! Well done Class 3, super soil sorting!

Spring 1 Week 3- A Raging River!

Star of the week: Courtney and Remy

Over the past couple of weeks, Class 3 have been learning about Rivers. Last week, we discussed all the features of a river. This week, we have learnt all about the features of the water cycle. All of Class 3 have done extremely well remembering the key vocabulary. We are now lucky enough to have a fantastic display to remind us too!

Keep recapping Class 3! 🙂

Spring 1 Week 1- Rocks.

Star of the week: Azaria and Constance

During our Science lesson on Wednesday, Class 3 investigated and described the properties of different types of rocks. Using a magnifying glass to help them, they inspected Sandstone, Granite, Limestone, Chalk, Slate and Marble. After looking at them closely, they then grouped them according to their physical appearance.

Autumn 2 Week 7- Impressive Origami!

Star of the week: Romeo and Leo

For our Christmas display, Class 3 produced some excellent origami stars and a rather jazzy cow and donkey. To make the origami stars, Class 3 needed to listen carefully and demonstrate perseverance (they took a while to make). We then teamed up with Class 1 and 2 to produce a Christmas display. Great work everyone, it looks amazing!

Autumn 2 Week 5- Super Science!

Star of the week: All of Class 3

Class 3 visited the Science Museum this week and everyone had a terrific time. All members of Class 3 behaved superbly and made lots of scientific discoveries. As well as visiting the Wonderlab, Class 3 also watched a science show about electricity. Below are lots of photos of our trip, we hope you enjoy looking at them.
Well done Class 3!


Autumn 2 Week 4- Creating Shadows!

Star of the week: Medhansh and Fabian

Over the past couple of weeks, Class 3 have been investigating shadows as part of our ‘Light’ topic. Using scientific vocabulary such as opaque, translucent and transparent, Class 3 have discussed different materials that will and will not allow light to pass through them. If an object is opaque, the light is blocked and light cannot pass through. This creates a shadow. The photos below, show Class 3 conducting an investigation. We wanted to find out if a shadow was bigger or smaller when the opaque object was closer to the light source. Class 3, comment below and tell everyone what we found out!