Autumn 1 Week 6 – Geography

Stars of the Week: Eyoel and Mason

This week in geography, Class 3 have been learning about the different kinds of farming that happens in the UK, and why some areas are better suited to sheep farming, and some areas are used for crops. Well done Eyoel and Mason for thinking hard about the weather, soil and topography when comparing different parts of the UK.

Next week in Class 3… we will be writing our own versions of Oliver and the Seawigs to show off all the skills learnt this term in English.

Autumn 1 Week 5 – Vincent van Gogh

Stars of the Week: Astrid and Gabrielle

Class 3 have been learning about Vincent van Gogh in art, creating their own ‘starry night’ backgrounds then drawing local landmarks from observation to complete the scene. Well done to Astrid and Gabrielle for observing the buildings so carefully and thinking about line and colour to create movement in the night sky.

Autumn 1 Wee 4 – Healthy Eating

Stars of the Week: Belen and Scarlett

This week in PSHE, we’ve been learning about how advertising can affect our choices about food. The class designed some advertisements to encourage healthy eating. Well done Scarlett and Belen for your thoughtful use of characters and colour in your adverts!

Next week in Class 3… We will be completing our unit on number and place value, and showing what we know about the number system to 1,000.

Autumn 1 Week 3 – Poetry

Stars of the Week: Caitlin and Krislyn

We are reading Oliver and the Seawigs by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre as our class text this term. This week, the class worked in pairs to write some fantastically frightening list poems to describe a setting from the story. Well done Krislyn and Caitlin for writing and performing your poem with so much energy and creativity!

Soon the poems will be on display along with these brilliant illustrations of the ‘sea monkeys’ in the book! Watch this space to see our finished display.

‘A Rambling Isle’ by Cailtin and Krislyn:

Dark and sacred temple, spooky too with the creep of the snakes.
Gigantic plants were growing off the rambling isle.
Peering out of the temple there are bugs and snakes.
A temple towered at the top with snakes peering through the window.
It is huge and very scary with lots of rocks and trees.
There are all sorts of things scattered about.
Growing roots, lots of skulls and ruins.
There is an abandoned tomb in the middle that looks gloomy.
It was like halloween.
It is very tall and big. Don’t go in it!
Scary faces with mouths looked at you.
Don’t go in it!

Next week in Class 3, we will be learning to use and understand map symbols, and use a key when reading a map.

Autumn 1 Week 2 – Music

Stars of the Week: Aarav and Tabitha

Class 3 have been learning lots of new songs and games in music, and are learning to match their voices to the pitch of the leader. The class have learnt some musical games to practise skills including pitch, rhythm and timbre. Well done to Aarav and Tabitha for excellent singing and a positive attitude!

Next week in Class 3… We will be learning about the functions of skeletons in humans and other animals.

Autumn 1 Week 1 – A great start to Year 3!

Stars of the Week: Masroor and Rosa

We have had a fantastic first week in Class 3! Mrs Chan and Kim have been so impressed by everyone’s positive attitude and hard work. We have enjoyed sharing books that we love with the class and had some really interesting discussions. Well done to Masroor and Rosa for creating some beautiful work for our classroom displays.

Keep it up, superstars!

Summer 2 Week 6 – Science Authors!

Stars of the Week: Noella and Terrence

This week, Class 3 completed their non-fiction books about a science topic of their choice. In pairs, the children created books on one of the topics studied this year, using either Book Creator, Comic Life, or making their book by hand.

We hope you enjoy reading them, and learn a few fun science facts!

Next week in Class 3… we will be preparing for Year 4 with some transition activities!