Autumn 1 Week 6- Chichen Itza

Star of the week: Cecilia and Canaan

As part of our learning during Design and Technology week, Class 3 have learnt about Chichen Itza in Mexico. The pyramid found at Chichen Itza is called El Castillo and Class 3 have worked hard this week to design and make their own, in small groups. In English, Class 3 have also created fact files about Chichen Itza. We can’t wait to share the finished products with you later today.

Class 3, write your most interesting facts below.

Photos of our work will be put up soon!

Autumn 1 Week 2- Fruits of Friendship

Star of the week: Maia and Aden

During World Faiths week, Class 3 learnt all about Hinduism. As a class, we focussed on three of the ‘Fruits of Friendship with God’: Patience, goodness and kindness. Whilst discussing symbolism, we found out that the lotus flower is a symbol that represents how people should always be kind and good. In addition to this, the ‘Aum’ symbol represents Brahman and the universe. Together, we created a piece of artwork based on these two symbols. By putting the two symbols together we are sending a message to everyone to be kind and good to the whole universe!

Well done Class 3, amazing artwork!


Autumn 1 Week 1- A Super Start!

Star of the week: Filip and Kaspian

All of Class 3 have started the new academic year with a positive attitude and willingness to learn. They have already proven themselves to be terrific at times tables as well as being budding artists! In addition to this, Class 3 have also written an adventure story based on an Enid Blyton book called ‘The Adventures of the Wishing-Chair’. Wow! What a wonderful start. Keep up the good work, Class 3.

 Class 3, where did you decide that Mollie and Peter would go on their Wishing-Chair?

Summer 2 Week 6- Sports Week

Star of the week: Sebastian and Christian

As it’s Sports Week, Class 3 have enjoyed doing lots of sports activities and sport themed lessons. On Monday, all of Class 3 used their team work skills to create obstacle courses using Poddley. On Tuesday, they started writing a setting description of a stadium during a World Cup Final. In addition to this, Class 3 have collected data on how long it took each of them to dribble a football; helped Reception to develop their bat and ball skills and have gathered research on a country that participated in the World Cup. Wow, what a fun and active week Class 3!







Summer 2 Week 4- Beowulf

Star of the week: All of Class 3

In English, Class 3 have been learning about the epic poem, Beowulf. Using the story of Beowulf as inspiration, we have started to create our own poem as a class. Each group has been responsible for one verse, as well as for ensuring that they include poetic devices such as onomatopoeia, rhyming and metaphors.
All of the groups have worked together well and have contributed to the amazing poem that they are currently creating. Well done Class 3!

Watch this space for our finished poem.

Summer 2 Week 3- Character Descriptions

Star of the week: Gabriel and Zachary

This week, Class 3 have been writing character descriptions. We have focused on using interesting and ambitious vocabulary. Here are some extracts, can you spot any pieces of vocabulary that you can use in your work?

Gabriel- ‘There is an Anglo-Saxon named Sam. He is eighteen and lives in one of seven kingdoms, Wessex. He has bushy eyebrows;teeth the size of icebergs; ragged hair and a compact triangular nose. Sometimes he wears red jewellery, roaring red like a fire. Sam is a valiant Anglo-Saxon boy who always has cunning plans when it comes to perilous fights.’

Zachary-‘…With his deep blue eyes, he searched the landscape for survivors. His long droopy ears could hear every step his enemy took.’ 

Lola- ‘ Heidi jumped out of bed and opened her deep, blue eyes. Quickly, she got dressed into her chequered green dress…Her face was white like her horse.’