Autumn 2 Week 7- Impressive Origami!

Star of the week: Romeo and Leo

For our Christmas display, Class 3 produced some excellent origami stars and a rather jazzy cow and donkey. To make the origami stars, Class 3 needed to listen carefully and demonstrate perseverance (they took a while to make). We then teamed up with Class 1 and 2 to produce a Christmas display. Great work everyone, it looks amazing!

Autumn 2 Week 5- Super Science!

Star of the week: All of Class 3

Class 3 visited the Science Museum this week and everyone had a terrific time. All members of Class 3 behaved superbly and made lots of scientific discoveries. As well as visiting the Wonderlab, Class 3 also watched a science show about electricity. Below are lots of photos of our trip, we hope you enjoy looking at them.
Well done Class 3!


Autumn 2 Week 4- Creating Shadows!

Star of the week: Medhansh and Fabian

Over the past couple of weeks, Class 3 have been investigating shadows as part of our ‘Light’ topic. Using scientific vocabulary such as opaque, translucent and transparent, Class 3 have discussed different materials that will and will not allow light to pass through them. If an object is opaque, the light is blocked and light cannot pass through. This creates a shadow. The photos below, show Class 3 conducting an investigation. We wanted to find out if a shadow was bigger or smaller when the opaque object was closer to the light source. Class 3, comment below and tell everyone what we found out!

Autumn 2 Week 3- Spanish Day!

Star of the week: Constance and Pierce

Yesterday, Class 3 were very busy doing a variety of Spanish themed activities. Our day started brilliantly, as we were read a story from Aesop’s fables in Spanish and English. We then worked out some calculations in Spanish, and wrote information leaflets about Spain. In the afternoon, we used tissue paper to decorate part of a Spanish fan.
Here are some photos of the wonderful work Class 3 produced.

 Story time!

 An example of our Spanish Fan.


 Information leaflets.

Autumn 2 Week 2- Let there be light!

Star of the week:Annie and Kyann

In Science this week, Class 3 conducted a scientific investigation. Our aim was to prove that we need light to be able to see. As you can see from the photos below, we looked inside the box to see what we could see. It was pitch black inside without any holes! Gradually, we added more holes to the box and eventually we could see what was inside.
All of Class 3 worked very hard on their investigation. Super science Class 3!


Autumn 2 Week 1

Star of the week: Leo and Chimamanda

During our English lessons this week, Class 3 have been working hard on punctuation and grammar. Despite some of our learning being a little tricky, Class 3 have demonstrated excellent perseverance. Throughout the week, we have looked at how to use inverted commas to show direct speech; explored a range of homophones; used regular and irregular past tense verbs in our writing and discussed how to use paragraphs. Below are some photos of the excellent work produced in our books.

Well done Class 3, keep up the good work.

Autumn 1 Week 7- A Fabulous First Half Term

Star of the week: All of Class 3

It’s been a busy half term and Class 3 have done amazingly well with all of their learning. During some of our lessons this week, Class 3 were required to work together as a group. All of Class 3 have demonstrated excellent co-operation and maturity with all of the tasks. They were also required to work together last week to create the fantastic models you can see below. Well done, Class 3.

Autumn 1 Week 6- Chichen Itza

Star of the week: Cecilia and Canaan

As part of our learning during Design and Technology week, Class 3 have learnt about Chichen Itza in Mexico. The pyramid found at Chichen Itza is called El Castillo and Class 3 have worked hard this week to design and make their own, in small groups. In English, Class 3 have also created fact files about Chichen Itza. We can’t wait to share the finished products with you later today.

Class 3, write your most interesting facts below.

Photos of our work will be put up soon!