Summer 1 Week 2 – Class 4 explain how to Catch a Star

Class 4, have worked very hard to learn all the features of explanation texts this week. We have linked our understanding of explanation texts to the story ‘How to Catch a Star’. We decided that we wanted to invent a way to catch a star ourselves; and have enthusiastically explained how to do this.

Now, we are learning to be experts at explaining how a volcano erupts! Any questions on this, ask Class 4, as they really are excellent at explanations now.

Stars of the Week: Albert and Suriya

Spring 2 – week 4 Science Week!

Well done Class 4, on a wonderful Science Week. We really loved our trip to the Science Museum, where we learnt all about how oxygen, heat and fuel create fire. We saw first hand in a workshop, how different levels of these elements, can create different sized flames.

We also explored the Wonder Lab – where we explored activities, proving how different areas of science work. For example. the children experimented with different slides to test friction and explored levels of gravity using a pulley system.

Photos to be shown here soon!



Spring 2 Week 3 – Class 4’s Book Week!

Stars of the Week: Cheri’ane and Emmanuel

Class 4 loved engrossing themselves in the text; ‘The Thief, the Fool and the Big Fat King’ by Terry Deary for Book Week. The theme of the week (historical fiction), enabled us to learn about the mysterious and mischievous times of the Tudor period.

We explored characterisation and used this to write diaries as characters from the text. The characters antics were rather gruesome!

We loved visiting Reception and reading with the children. Reception gave wonderful responses to questions we asked them about the books.

Well done Class 4, for your wonderful, creative and imaginative costumes for Book Day. They were very inventive and vibrant.

The outcomes of the week , exhibited on the Class display, will be shown in a blog-post soon!

Spring 2 Week 2- Class 4 diarise the gruesome and corrupt Tudor times!

Image result for the thief the fool and the big fat king

Stars of the week: Tiyana and Kristian 

Well done to Class 4 for a wonderful Book Week, full of energy and enthusiasm for our class book, ‘The Thief, the Fool and the Big Fat King’ by Terry Deary (historical fiction). We have really enjoyed learning all about Tudor times – through this humorous depiction of corrupt characters wanting to ‘line em pockets’.  We have been focusing on diary entries, from the angle of each different mischievous character and our Book Week display will show the outcome of your wonderful work.

Look here next week for Book Day costume and display photos!

Spring 2 Week 1 – Easter Children!









Stars of the Week: Amari and Mary

Well done Class 4 – you have started work on Easter Children with impressive energy and focus. You are working really hard to clearly deliver your lines and show excellent characterisation and creativity.

You have enthusiastically shown how excited you are about delivering the play at the end of the term and I think you will be wonderful.

Keep it up acting stars!




Spring 1 Week 4 – Class 4 experiment with carbon dioxide levels

Stars of the Week: Jeremy and Sienna

Class 4 have been excellent scientists this week, exploring which fizzy drink has the highest level of carbon dioxide in it. As a class, we decided how to make the experiment fair, by ensuring the liquids weighed the same and drinks were shaken for the same amount of time.

We measured the drink before shaking it, and then after shaking it when it was flat, to discover the levels of carbon dioxide.

We discovered that Sprite has the highest level of carbon dioxide, therefore, it is the fizziest drink to serve at a party!

Class 4 – was your prediction accurate and why?


Spring Week 1 – Class 4 explore new books!

Class 4 can’t wait to start reading a new selection of fictional narratives! This week we have shared our views on books that we have read, with the class, and also explored new books. We then selected books that we would like to read based on others views and created our own Book Bingo cards, thanks to year six who supported us when making the cards.

Class 4 are raring to read!

Please comment here on books that you recommended or have already read from your Book Bingo card. What did you enjoy about the book?

Stars of the Week: Whitney and Nahum