Autumn 1 Week 2 – World Faith Week!

In Class 4 we have been looking at Judaism. We read the story of Moses and the 10 commandments. We talked about how the commandments link to our Fruits of Friendship. We learned about the symbols of Judaism and created a colourful Star of David. We even had the chance to practise writing patience, kindness and goodness in Hebrew. Our Menorah candles represent the story of Hanukkah. This is an important festival in Judaism. We hope you love our artwork!

Autumn Week 1 – Welcome to Year 4!

Stars of the week: Swithun and Sienna

Year 4 have had a brilliant week settling in to a new class routine and writing our class charter.

We are excited to welcome a new member of our class, Sienna!

We have enjoyed learning about Judaism for World Faiths Week and making Menorah candles for our display. Keep your eyes peeled for next weeks post to see how they turned out!

Summer 2 Week 7 – Class 4 are superstar sports stars during Sports Week

Stars of the Week: 

Class 4 were excellent sports stars during Sports Week. We loved taking part in running competitions organised by Elliot, and practising the different events for Sports Day. We linked our English and Numeracy learning to sports events such as The World Cup.

During Sports Day, Class 4 showed wonderful enthusiasm for each event and really tried their best. It was super to see the children encouraging and supporting each other.

Well done Class 4. you deserve a long earned rest!


Class 4 visit Tower of London!

Class 4 had a wonderful (and hot!), experience at Tower of London. Visiting Tower of London was a wonderful link to our Tudor topic; we have been learning lots about Henry V111 and Anne Boleyn, so it was excellent to have first hand experience of places of such historical significance.  We viewed Henry’s armory in White Tower, saw where traitors would arrive and also where Anne Boleyn and other Tudor wives were executed. We loved watching a play on the grass, depicting the life and death of Anne Boleyn. It was also truly magical viewing the Crown Jewels.

Class 4, what did you learn when visiting Tower of London?




Summer 2 Week 6 – Life of a Writer Homework Projects

Well done for producing such beautiful Homework Projects Class 4. You have been so creative in thinking about how to present the life of a writer. Class 3 joined us in the hall, to share the outcomes of the projects yesterday and we have just started to individually present our projects to the class, what an excellent start. We are looking forward to seeing them all.

Stars of the Week: Livia and Nahum 


Summer 2 Week 4 – Book Bingo!

Stars of the Week: Fatimah and Justice 

This week  we had a fantastic time with Year 5 talking ‘Books, Books, Books’.  We thought about what we have already read and made recommendations to each other, before choosing six new books for our new Book Bingo cards. We are so excited to start reading our new books!

Class 4, what books would you recommend and why?

What are you looking forward to reading next?

Summer 2 Week 3 – Class 4 are mythical writers






Stars of the week: Sienna and Prushottaman

Well done Class 4 for beginning our ‘Myths and Legends’ unit of work with such enthusiasm and creativity. You clearly understand all features of a myth. The openings and setting descriptions you have written for ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’ are excellent.  Well done for using:  ambitious similes, adverbs and metaphors.



Summer 2 Week 2 – Class 4 discover Living Things







Stars of the week: Julia and Nahum 

This week, Class 4 have learnt what it means to be a ‘Living Thing’. They have focused on living things that are near their homes. In particular, they have explored: plants and animals. Mary introduced us to a plant that is in her home, and is native to the dry regions of Texas and Mexico. Mary described the leaves as being ‘strap-shaped’ and ‘leathery’.

Class 4, explain what are the features of living things!


Summer 2 Week 1 – Class 4 flies with Peter Pan












Class 4 loved their ‘Open Air Theatre’ experience in Regents Park watching Peter Pan!

We really enjoyed following the story of a free-spirited and mischievous young boy who can fly and never grows. The staging was extremely creative and imaginative, which helped us to open our minds and really absorb ourselves in the story.

Being outside made the experience magical and mysterious!

Stars of the Week: Caitlyn and Daniel