Autumn 2 Week 1 Class 4 attend a performance of Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax

Class 4 loved their trip to The Old Vic to watch Dr. Seuss The Lorax. It was a magical, lively and creative insight into the importance of caring for our environment and the beauty in nature around us. This was a theme in our class book, The Iron Man.

Following a workshop with The Old Vic, where we created our own flowers, made out of recycled card, these flowers were displayed alongside flowers from other schools on the theatre’s banister.

Stars of the week:

Caitlyn and Jeremy



Autumn Week 7 – Class 4 sail to success during D&T Week

Class 4 have showed excellent design and technology skills during D&T week. We looked at different types of sailing boats and how they are made. We decided that strength, being waterproof and floatable were the most important qualities of the different materials needed to make our model sailing boats.

We tested different materials for different purposes and chose polystyrene, plastic, waterproof cotton , thickened card and maskas the most suitable materials.

We are very proud of our designs! Well done Class 4.

Stars of the Week: All of class 4


Autumn Week 6 – Class 4 shine during Collective Worship

Well done on an excellent Collective Worship Class 4. You were wonderful explaining to the school and parents about your focus on ‘Life in all its fullness’ during World Faiths Week and in other subjects too. You showed excellent engagement  when dramatising your adverbs and scientific vocabulary. Super articulate speaking, fantastic eye contact with the audience and beautiful singing.

You shared the message of the power of celebration perfectly. The video of  your assembly will be here soon!

Stars of the Week: Amari and Fatimah


Autumn Week 4 – Class 4 build their own class city!

Class 4 had a wonderful experience at the CLC centre in Clapham. The class enthusiastically explored Minecraft! The children had to think about what buildings are needed in a city and how important consideration of the infrastructure of a city is.

The children then had to develop their own buildings and place them in their very own Class 4 city. We were able to link to this different subjects, such as geography and maths – using co-ordinates to locate and position the buildings.

Here are some photos of the day:


Autumn Week 3 – Class 4 begin their journey with The Iron Man

Well done Class 4, you have begun your unit of work on The Iron Man brilliantly. I have loved reading your excellent setting descriptions, focusing on: sound, smell, sight, and touch as the Iron Man is at the top of the cliff.

Comment on this blog with some impressive sentences to describe how the Iron Man moves as he approaches ‘the very brink’ of the cliff.









Stars of the Week: Livia and Shawn








Autumn Week 2 – Class 4 shine brightly during World Faiths Week

Class 4 had a wonderful World Faiths week focusing on the religions Hinduism and Sihkism. We looked at how these religions follow our school moto to live ‘life in all its fullness’. We focused on the Diwali celebration, both Hindus and Sikhs celebrate this festival with fireworks. For Hindus, it is the festival of lights and for Sikhs, it commemorates the release from prison of the sixth guru, Guru Hargobind.

See below for our wonderful firework pieces of art – we used oil pastels to create our fireworks, covered them with a layer of black paint, and then scratched out our impressive firework displays.

We also looked at how music helps Hindus live ‘life in all its fullness’. We listened to the Om (Aum), a scared sound of divine. It is a mysterious expression of the infinity, timelessness and wisdom. Class 4 shared their views on how this ancient chant made them feel.

I felt like I was in a beautiful Hindu temple, focusing on prayer. Cheri’ane

I was so relaxed and calm but I felt like the music was spinning around me, it was so special. Kristian

I was thinking about Brahman and all different Gods in different religions – I see a similarity between Christianity and Hinduism.   Daniel



Stars of the Week: Arianna and Emmanuel