Class 4 visit a world beneath the sea

Class 4 had a workshop with professionals from The Old Vic theatre today. The children’s work focused on a play that they will be watching in the near future called ‘The Lost Light’ at The Old Vic. The children explored a world of different sounds and where travelling through the sea involved a whole new imaginative world.

This also linked to our Book Week text, Flotsam by David Wiesner – where a camera travels and explores a wondrous and magical world under the sea.

Excellent work today Class 4!


Happy Book Day

Well done for a fantastic effort Class 4! You all look wonderful in your outfits. The fantasy setting descriptions you have written, following your work on the book Flotsam (David Wiesner), has been super.

You used excellent imaginative adverbs and adjectives with sentences of exciting varying length.

We will create a wonderful display with your work, to brighten up the class room.


Bad Hair Day

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Wow, Class 4, you really did have a BAD HAIR DAY today. It was wonderful to see though and well done for raising so much money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Well done for continuing to work so hard this term and for giving Miss Hatherley and Margaret a bright day, every day.

Have a relaxing and healthy half term


Class 4 visit The Old Vic Theatre

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We were so lucky to visit The Old Vic Theatre and have a tour of the auditorium.

We learnt about the importance of speaking clearly on stage, so that you can be heard no matter where you are sitting. We also learnt about the history of the theatre.

We were so lucky to be a part of a workshop to design a stage setting for a production of Hansel and Gretel, we really hope the director gets inspiration from our designs!

Feedback any interesting facts that you learnt at the theatre Class 4.


Class 4 flourish during Arts Week !

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The school focused on Landscapes during Arts Week. We decided to create desert landscape scenes. We used tissue paper and coloured cellophane to create our scenes, focusing on techniques to create different effects. We considered the skyline, backdrop and features that are linked to a desert.

We hope you like the striking colours that we chose for our scenes, we felt that they showed the heat and brightness of the desert.   We also tried to layer our work, so that the features of the desert are in the foreground and the skyline is in the distance.


Class 4 visit Lambeth CLC and create their own moving robots!

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Class 4 had an excellent trip to Lambeth CLC today. Class 4 focused on team work and perseverance when building their own lego robots. The children had to carefully follow instructions to build their designs and then create a programme on Scratch to make the robot move and rotate over different times and powers.

Blubelle said: ‘I really enjoyed building robot models.’

Imran said: ‘I loved making my model move.’

Class 4, please comment on anything that you learnt on the trip. Well done for an excellent session at CLC.


Class 4 Visit the Bells at Southwark Cathedral

Today we have been learning about the bells at Southwark Cathedral. It is a very exciting time at Southwark Cathedral. During the past year, Southwark Cathedral Society of Bellringers and the Southwark Cathedral Development Trust have worked together to raise funds to restore the cathedral bells and the bells’ frame.


Some further information written by the Cathedral on this is below:

‘Since it was finally completed in the fourteenth century, the tower of the Priory of St Mary Overie, later the Parish Church of Saviour and now the Cathedral for the Diocese of Southwark, stood high above the surrounding community on the south bank of the Thames. It was the ‘Shard’ of its day, an architectural presence in this busy, congested, exciting district of London.’

‘Within the tower, bells were hung, the first ring associated with the marriage in the Priory Church of King James I of Scots to Joan Beaufort, niece of the then Bishop of Winchester, Cardinal Beaufort on 12 February 1424.’

Here are pictures of us visiting the Cathedral and viewing the bells. Father Michael very kindly took his time to tell us about the history of the bells and how they are being moved up to the belfry.

The last time the bells were brought down from the belfry was during the 1930’s. We discussed how old we might be, if we were to see the bells again!

Class 4, reply with any interesting facts that you learnt about the bells today.


Happy Christmas Class 4!

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Class 4 have really enjoyed the last few days before the Christmas holiday. In English and Maths we have been linking our topics to Christmas related themes. We really enjoyed writing a newspaper report about Father Christmas getting stuck down a chimney. In maths we have been cracking codes to work out what Christmas animals we could produce.

The Christmas dinner was extremely delicious too.

Well done Class 4! You have been shining stars in 2016 and I know will continue to shine brightly in 2017.


Class 4 experience Kidzania!

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Last week, Class 4 went on a school trip to Kidzania. It was so much fun! We (children only!) got to try our hands at many different jobs; firemen, policemen, doctors, nurses, pilots, chefs, fashion stylists and many more. The children had to get themselves jobs to earn money.

On arrival, the children were given 50 kidzos (kidzania currency) and the challenge to earn 75 Kidzos meant they could then open their own bank account.


We had a wonderful time trying lots of different jobs and being paid for them; we spent our KidZos on face paint and in the shop!

It was great to see the children being independent learners, acting responsibly and managing their time so well.

Well done Class 4, I am looking forward to Kidzania helping our recount writing unit and enabling us to look closer at life outside of school.


Class 4 shine during their Autumn Assembly

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Well done Class 4, you delivered a fantastic and engaging assembly telling parents and carers everything we have been doing in Class 4. You worked very hard to deliver clear and exciting lines.

Super Class 4!