Autumn 2 Week 5 – English

Stars of the Week: Fintan and Deborah

This week in English, Class 4 have been planning their own play script! They looked at the key features within a play script and started to discuss ideas and plots they could write about, which would continue the story of Beauty and the Beast.

They produced some great ideas and we are looking forward to writing them next week, with the aim of being able to perform them once they are finished!

Autumn 2 Week 4 – DT

Stars of the Week: Annamaria and Morraya

This week in DT, Class 4 have been looking at the different designs of pizza boxes. They discussed the effectiveness of bright colours and the impact of just a simple design with a logo. They started to sketch out their own pizza company logos, gave their company a slogan and planned out a pizza box of their own.

Next week, we will be following some instructions on how to make our own pizza boxes!

Autumn 2 Week 3 – Geography

Stars of the Week: Joni and Anderson

This week, Class 4 have been looking at the difference between weather and climate. They analysed the climate zones within Europe, and explored the different ways they can be represented on maps. The children were able to explain why some countries might have a hotter climate than others (and consequently why the U.K. always seems to be raining!)

In Maths, Class 4 have concluded their learning on measurements. They all worked really hard to understand the conversions between mm and cm, cm and m, and m and km. Also, they were able to see the pattern between the conversions and able to apply them to some worded problems.

In R.E., Class 4 have continued their learning about Advent. The children discussed why the act of giving is so important around this time of year, and what we can do as a class to give to those who are less fortunate (that isn’t just in the form of presents). They came up with some great ideas such as giving/ spending time with loved ones, and baking lots of cookies to give out to people.


Autumn 2 Week 2

Stars of the week: All of Class 4.

Well done to all of Class 4 for such a great collective worship. It was great to show the rest of the school all the amazing work you have produced. You all spoke with such maturity and confidence and it was a true reflection of your efforts.






In Maths, the children have continued our work on measurement and started to look at metres and centimetres.

In English, the children have started to plan out their balanced argument based on the Beauty and the Beast playscript. Should the Father leave the family to go and search for his rescued boat? Or is it a trap?


Autumn 2 Week 1 – Geography

Stars of the week: Rileigh and Funmi

This week, Class 4 have been using their navigation skills to find and label European countries on a map. They discussed the location of the countries and wrote an information text about a capital city in Europe. Class 4 also researched the national dishes of countries around the world and how climate, wealth and location can impact the food that is available.

In Maths, Class 4 have started their new topic of measurement. They explored the classroom with a ruler, and looked at the different ways to measure objects. They wrote down the measurement in cm and we discussed how we can convert the measurements into equivalent (equal) units.

In English, we have started out new class text – the playscript of Beauty and the Beast. The children have been incredibly sensible during the reading of each scene and worked hard to provide a summary of events. Well done Class 4!

We have our class collective worship next Tuesday and we can’t wait to show you all of our amazing learning!



Autumn 1 Week 7 – Maths and History

Stars of the Week: Saraea and Thomas

This week in Maths, Class 4 have continued their learning on column addition and subtraction. They have progressed onto 4-digit calculations, and accurately exchanged numbers between each place value. I have been particularly impressed with Saraea and Thomas, who have given every question a go, and presented their methods clearly and with great accuracy!

In History this week, Class 4 completed a Viking quiz to round off our topic. Some of the questions were about the great battles between the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons and there was even a specific question about Dane-geld. The children worked really hard to prepare for this quiz and they all listened brilliantly. Well done Class 4!

Autumn 1 Week 6 – Art

Stars of the Week : Noella and Parker

In Art this week, Class 4 have been planning out their collages in the style of Pablo Picasso. They carefully thought about the layering of each material, and how a contrast can be formed between warm and cool colours. They started to create their collages based off two main briefs – under the sea or a city skyline.

In PSHE, Class 4 have continued their work on sleep and started to think about the importance of a good sleep routine. They wrote out a set of instructions which explained the various steps required to ensure you can get your 10-11 hours worth of sleep.

Well done Class 4!


Autumn 1 Week 6 – Mini Marathon

This week Class 4 have been running their mini marathon (which is 2.6 miles for each child). We have been calculating the distance during our walks to the swimming pool every Wednesday and also completing laps on the playground. Class 4 have been so excited to complete it and we are getting very close! Keep going Class 4!


Autumn 1 Week 5 – History

Stars of the Week: Amelia and Charles

This week in History, Class 4 have been studying the reign of King Ethelred II ‘The Unready’. The children couldn’t believe he was only 7 years old when he became king (which meant he would have been in Class 3!)
Class 4 discussed how King Ethelred II was the first king to create an official agreement with the Vikings. He agreed to pay them Danegeld in order to stop their attacks. The Vikings stopped their attacks until they realised that this was a very lucrative agreement!

Class 4 created some fact-files on Danegeld and discussed if this was a good decision or not.

Great work Class 4!



Autumn 1 Week 4

Stars of the Week: Kirstin and Ben. 

For English and History this week, we have been looking at successful Anglo Saxon kings, namely King Alfred the Great and King Athelstan. The children planned out a persuasive letter to King Alfred the Great as if they were Viking warriors trapped in England and needed to leave peacefully. Lots of deals were drawn up and even a truce was offered between the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons!

For Science, Class 4 have been learning more about the digestive system, and we have built on last weeks work to include organs such as the gallbladder, the liver, the duodenum and the pancreas. The children discussed the importance of each organ and how they function to help us digest our food.