Autumn 2 Week 3 – Geography

Stars of the Week: Joni and Anderson

This week, Class 4 have been looking at the difference between weather and climate. They analysed the climate zones within Europe, and explored the different ways they can be represented on maps. The children were able to explain why some countries might have a hotter climate than others (and consequently why the U.K. always seems to be raining!)

In Maths, Class 4 have concluded their learning on measurements. They all worked really hard to understand the conversions between mm and cm, cm and m, and m and km. Also, they were able to see the pattern between the conversions and able to apply them to some worded problems.

In R.E., Class 4 have continued their learning about Advent. The children discussed why the act of giving is so important around this time of year, and what we can do as a class to give to those who are less fortunate (that isn’t just in the form of presents). They came up with some great ideas such as giving/ spending time with loved ones, and baking lots of cookies to give out to people.


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