Autumn 2 Week 6

Stars of the Week: Shia and Amaris

This week, in English Class 4 have started to write their playscripts about a new scene in Beauty and the Beast. They considered the different stage directions to include, and how these can change the expressions of each character and how they would move around the stage.
All of the children worked incredibly hard and their playscripts are starting to look great!

In R.E., Class 4 looked at the Epiphany story and we looked at how the 3 wise men have been portrayed across the years in various artwork. The children also thought about the symbolism of the gifts given to Jesus and came up with their own gifts that they would give. All of their gifts were so thoughtful that I have decided to create a display with them.

In D.T., Class 4 finished off their Science topic of electricity by making some torches! They had great fun assessing the factors why their torch might not be working, and what they can do to fix it – such as a broken electrical circuit or a temperamental wire.

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