Spring 1 Week 2 – History

 Stars of the Week: Terrence and Bea.

This week, Class 4 got stuck into their History topic which is the Tudors. The children worked hard to research Tudor life and how different it could be if you were born into wealth or poverty. They considered the variety of clothes they wore, the food they ate, the houses they lived in, and the entertainment that they enjoyed. They created some great spider diagrams about each of these aspects, and these will help them with their writing task in English. It was interesting to hear that most of the children felt that they would have wanted to be a poor Tudor instead of a wealthy one, as life felt more family-focused and sociable.

In English, Class 4 started to consider how they could organise their own Tudor banquet at one of their palaces – in the hope of receiving an appearance from Henry VIII! They are going to start writing their persuasive adverts next week, and develop some posters to advertise their banquets that are fit for kings.



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