Summer 1 Week 2 – Art

Stars of the Week: Shaye and Shia

In Art this week, Class 4 have continued looking at Ancient Greek art – specifically mosaics. They carefully considered the design and texture of famous mosaics , how they are different to collages, and started to plan out one of their own. Class 4 also discussed the reason for mosaics to have contrasting colours for each shape. Shaye considered each of the techniques well and worked hard on creating a mosaic with contrasting coloured pieces of paper.

In History, we looked at the Battle of Marathon. Class 4 discovered who the battle was between (the powerful Persian Empire and Athens) and the victors from the battle. We discussed how the Athenian army were successful in beating the Persians and why Pheidippides ran 26 miles from Marathon to Athens to share the good news (which is why we have the 26.2 mile marathon race today!) Shia worked very hard to order the events from the Battle of Marathon and considered the many reasons why the Persian Empire wanted to invade.


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