Summer 2 Week 3 – English

Stars of the week: Amelia and Martha

This week in Class 4, we have started our new class text – the Iron Man. We looked at the different ways that Ted Hughes described the main character, using powerful and imaginative vocabulary, and created a poster of one of the paragraphs. We considered the different types of onomatopoeia that was used to describe Iron Man falling down the cliff, and how Ted Hughes varied the sentence length to keep it exciting and interesting. Amelia and Martha worked very hard to read each sentence, provide inference as to what they mean, and create illustrations to describe the sentences.

Also this week, Class 4 and 5 have a great trip to Westminster School for Science Day. The children got to experience the 3 different sciences in action; with some explosive experiments in chemistry, studying the stars in physics, and exploring the function of our heart in biology. The children were very well behaved and listened brilliantly to all the new knowledge that was given.


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