Summer 2 Week 5 – English

Stars of the Week: Alpha and Fintan

This week in English, Class 4 had a dilemma to solve! We had to decide it Iron Man should be punished or protected. We started off by discussing the reasons for each side, and then had a debate to discuss the issues. Class 4 were very respectful of everyone’s opinions, listened intently and showed great maturity, whilst having a heated debate!

The debate helped us to structure our persuasive arguments in a letter form, written to the overall decision maker – Mr Henshaw!

In Maths this week, we have been looking at the different charts we can use to present data. We started by looking at data which can be placed into categories (discrete) such as pictograms and bar charts. Next week we are going to look at the way continuous data can be represented, mainly through line graphs.

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