Summer 1 Week 6

Stars of the Week: Chiugo and Jomi

This week in Class 4 we have been doing lots of assessments. Class 4 worked very hard on each of these, in order to show off all of their brilliant learning from this year. Well done everyone for being so sensible.

In Science, we have been looking at the different factors that impact our environment, such as through pollution or deforestation. Class 4 researched each topic and then created a presentation which we we’ll watch after half-term.

Summer 1 Week 5

Stars of the Week: Osarenoma and Jessica

This week, in Maths we have continued our work on plotting points, using co-ordinates on a grid, matching the points to create shape and then translating the shape to a different position. Everyone work extremely hard to make sure the correct points were in the correct place and then carefully move each point left, right, up or down.

In English this week we have been writing our ancient Greek myths. We looked at how we can start the stories in the most exciting and engaging way, by including some onomatopoeia and then describing the battle. Osarenoma and Jessica worked hard to include some great onomatopoeia and support it with some powerful adjectives to describe the battle.

Summer 1 Week 3 – Science

Stars of the week: Hudson and Masroor

In Science this week, we have been looking at the different ways to classify living organisms. We discussed the main life processes that every living things requires, and started to compare animals into different categories. We used venn diagrams to help us present the differences between the categories.

This week in Maths, we have been finding the co-ordinates of shapes on a 8×8 quadrant. Class 4 worked really hard to remember that a co-ordinate starts with the x axis and then the y axis – ‘along the corridor, up the stairs’.


Summer 1 Week 2

Stars of the Week: Marcia and Mason

Last week in Class 4, we went on a great trip to Hampton Court Palace, one of Henry VIII’s favourite palaces! We explored the different areas of the palace and then we were taken on a brilliant tour around the kitchens by one of the palace cooks. The kitchen had the task of feeding over 450 people twice a day!


Summer 1 Week 1

Stars of the Week: Krislyn and Sean

This week in Class 4 we have been telling the time! We looked at how the analog clock is separated into 5 minute intervals and started to tell the time to the nearest minute. Krislyn and Sean paid particular attention to where the minute hand was each time, and double checked that their calculations were correct. Next week, we are going to be looking at solving some worded problems which move time forwards in 5 minute intervals. Please encourage your children to read the time as analog (5 minutes past 4, 25 minutes to 1) and then read it digitally (9:20, 10:15).



Spring 2 Week 6 – Geography

Stars of the Week: Ava and Jomi

This week in Geography we have been creating our own earthquake-proof buildings! First, we looked at the different techniques used to keep a building stable during an earthquake and then replicated them using wooden sticks and marshmallows. Well done to all of class 4 for resisting the temptation to eat any of the marshmallows and using them as the anchor points for their buildings!



Spring 2 Week 5

Stars of the Week: Gabrielle and Cruz

This week in English, we have been planning and writing a newspaper report about a sudden volcanic eruption! Class 4 used their homework to help structure their report and thought of some very catchy headlines to start. Some of the headlines were ‘Etna’s Exciting Explosion’, ‘Violent Vesuvius’ and Mr Henshaw’s favourite ‘The very rude int-eruption!’

In Maths this week, we have been looking at addition and subtraction of money. Class 4 worked hard to use column method for both the operations, and weren’t thrown off by the ‘scary’ decimal point.


Spring 2 Week 4 -PE

Stars of the Week: Chiugo and Jacob

In PE this week, we have been looking at the different skills required in invasion games; such as netball, hockey and basketball. The first skill we looked at was agility, the importance of staying on our toes so we can change direction quickly. Chiugo and Jacob listened really well to each skill and performed them brilliantly – especially when they were weaving through the cones and balancing a basketball on a tennis racket!

Also this week, we have been completing lots of assessments. Class 4 have worked incredibly hard with all of them, and their continued progress is a true testament to their effort.