Spring 2 – Week 3 – What is art?

Stars of the week: Amiah and Beatrix

Welcome to Amiah who has joined class 4 this week and well done Beatrix for being a lovely friendĀ  helping Amiah settle in.

Class 4 enjoyed their visit to the Whitechapel gallery this week. They had a fantastic time looking at modern artworks and talking about their meanings. They loved the opportunity to interact and use their imagination to explore the exhibitions on show. Back at school, we discussed ‘what is art?’ and whether art can just be an idea. Well done class 4 for being so enthusiastic!

Spring 2 – Week 2 – Marvellous Maths!

Stars of the week: Josh and Zara

Class 4 really enjoyed visiting class 1 this week to help them with solving money word problems. They did a fantastic job of breaking down the question and using their verbal reasoning skills to help their class 1 partner solve the money problem. Well done class 4 for being such brilliant learning partners for class 1. You all did a brilliantly!

Pictures to follow!

Spring 2 – Week 1 – Play Scripts!

Stars of the week: Dorianne and Dawud

Class 4 have been working really hard on rehearsing their Easter play this week. We have also been looking at play scripts in our English lessons. We have been discussing the features needed in a play script such as: intonation, stage directions, scene settings and character lists. We will be developing our own ideas for a play script over this half term.


Sp1 – Week 6 – Internet Safety!

Stars of Week – Zac and Salma

Lat week, we discussed how to be safe on the internet. We were looking at what it means to give permission and why this is important when using the internet. We acted out some different scenarios and came up with solutions for our characters. As a class, we then made a list of top tips for staying safe on the internet and being aware of sharing our information on the internet. Well done class 4 for your brilliant ideas!

Spring 1 – Week 5! Marvellous Maths

Stars of the week: Chidubem and Theo

This half term we welcomed Eilo the alien to our class. He has journeyed to planet earth to learn about maths and we have been fantastic at explaining it all to him. Not only this, we have also be brilliant at explaining difficult maths problems to our friends in the class!! Also, well done to those children who have already made it in to the Times Tables Club! You have all been working really hard on your times tables!! Well done class 4!!


Spring 1 – Week 4 – ‘Dear Greenpeace’

Class 4 have enjoyed writing persuasive letters this week in English. As we have been learning about deforestation, we decided to write a letter to Greenpeace to persuade them to do more to help the rainforest. We have written letters using facts, emotive language and rhetorical questions to persuade the reader to help us safe the rainforest.

We are looking forward to showing our brilliant work on our ‘Vanishing Rainforest’ display, along with our rainforest animal masks!!

Spring 1 – Week 1 – Happy New Year!

Stars of the Week: Rocco and Harris

Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas holidays!

Class 4 have been settling back in to school really well this week. We have enjoyed talking about our Christmas holidays. We have also enjoyed learning about measurement in maths this week and starting our new Science topic ‘States of Matter’! It is going to be a great term!

Autumn 2 – Week 8 – Merry Christmas!

Stars of the week: All of Class 4. Thank you to my lovely class for making my first term with Cathedral School so wonderful. I hope you all have a brilliant Christmas!

We have really enjoyed getting in to the festive spirit this week! We have decorated the Christmas tree and made our own Christmas decorations which we hope you all love!