Spring 2 Week 3 – Animals UK

Stars of the Week: All of Class 4

On Wednesday this week we had a fantastic visit from Animals UK, who introduced the children to lots of amazing animals! All the children in Class 4 behaved exemplary throughout the whole session (by staying quiet and calm when the animals were being brought out) and Animals UK complimented us on how well behaved they all were. Well done Class 4!



This week in Computing, we have been learning about the different ways data is collected; such as questionnaires, surveys or measurements. Class 4 used their data collection knowledge to collect data of their own, by measuring the different light and sound levels and recording them.

Spellings this week:











Spring 1 Week 2

Stars of the Week: Scarlett and Ethan

This Week in Class 4 we have been reading our World Book Day book – Rock Bottom! This story is all about a boy who wants the best part in the school’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream but it all goes wrong! We used this story to help us re-write A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by changing the plot and problems that the characters face. Scarlett and Ethan came up with some brilliant ideas of how they can change the roles of Demetrius, Lysander, Helena and Hermia.

Spellings this week:











Spring 2 Week 1 – PSHE

Stars of the Week: Rosa and Cameron J

This week in Class 4, we have started our new PSHE topic of Democracy. We looked at the various people who are in positions of power and what the word democracy means. Class 4 started to create their own countries and thought about the different democracies they would have, along with the laws they would introduce.


This weeks spellings are:

  • science
  • crescent
  • discipline
  • fascinate
  • scent
  • scissors
  • ascent
  • descent
  • scientist
  • scenery

Spring 1 Week 6 – History Day

Stars of the Week: Aarav and Daniela

This week was History Day! Our topic this term was the Tudors and so we all dressed up in the style of Tudors and had a very fun day completing Tudor-style activities! From organising a banquet for the King, to writing a letter to the monarchy to warn them of a potential attack! Happy History Day!


This weeks spellings are:


Spring 1 Week 5 – Maths

Stars of the Week: Belén and Eyoel

This week in Maths, Class 4 we have been looking at decimal numbers. We learnt that a tenth is larger than a hundredth and started to compare two or more numbers to find the largest. Belén and Eyoel showed great focus towards the value of each digit and compared them to other numbers.

In History this week, we have been looking at Tudor inventions. Class 4 researched some facts about the different Tudor inventions, from the creation of a fork to the flushing toilet! They created some great presentations about each invention, along with their function and purpose.



Spring 1 Week 4

Stars of the Week: Cam’ron and Astrid. 

In PE this week, Class 4 we had a brilliant cricket session with some local coaches. The skill they were focusing on was straight arm bowling, and there was lots of things to remember each time! Cam’ron and Astrid worked incredibly hard to keep their arms straight and showed great persistence. Don’t forget ‘Stance, Star, Step’.

In English this week, we have been planning another secret mission for Jack Briars who has become a spy for Thomas Cromwell. We discussed where he might be asked to go, and the things he needs to find along the way. Then, we created out own class code and wrote out Jack’s missions using a variety of numbers and symbols.

Spring 1 Week 3

Stars of the Week: Thea and Javon

This week in Maths, we have been looking at adding and subtracting fractions. We discussed the different ways to represent fractions and how we can use this to help us in our calculations. Javon and Thea worked particularly hard to keep their methods clear and neat, and move over the denominator each time.

In History we looked at the different aspects of Tudor life – from the food and drink the consumed, the entertainment they enjoyed, and the clothing they wore. Class 4 created their own discussions around the different lives that wealthy Tudors enjoyed, compared to the poorer servants.



Spring 1 Week 2 – Maths

Stars of the Week: Caitlin and Sonny

This week in Class 4, we have been looking at fractions in Maths. The children went on a hunt around the classroom to identify the fractions and calculated the numerators and denominators.


In English this week, the children had a debate about whether the school week should be 4 days or not. They made some great arguments for and against and were very respectful of each other’s opinions. Well done!


Spring 1 Week 1

Stars of the Week: Krislyn and Sean

This week, we have started our collages for Art week. Class 4 chose their colour schemes and carefully created a contrasting collage background by carefully cutting out different designs and overlapping them to make sure there are no gaps.

In English we have started our new class text – Spy Master! This links to our history topic which is the Tudors. We made some predictions about the story and started to read the first few chapters.