Au 2 – Week 7 – Living things and their habitats!

Stars of the week: Chidubem and Dorianne

Class 4 have really enjoyed learning about living things and their changing habitats this half term. We have grouped living things, learnt about different species and this week we have been thinking about living things in our local environment. Today we will be going on a short walk around the outside of the school thinking about the dangers that living things might face. Once we have done this, we will brainstorm ideas of how we might be able to help protect living things in our local areas.

Au 2 – Week 5 – Trip to the Natural History Museum

Stars of the week: Max and Bethany

What a fantastic day we all had at the Natural History Museum on Thursday! We started out the day at the investigate zone taking on the role of a scientist to examine different objects. Next, it was off to The Variety Show! Lots of us made a staring role in the show as we grouped and learnt about different species. We finished off the day in the Creepy Crawly zone exploring invertebrates, anthropods and arachnids!

Autumn 2 – Week 4 – The Vikings!

Stars of the Week: Lola and Josh

We have really enjoyed learning about the Vikings this half term. This week we looked at poems written about the Vikings. One of the poems was written about the Danegeld by Rudyard Kipling. We decided that Rudyard Kipling did not think that the Danegeld was a very good idea and lots of us agreed! We read another poem written about the Vikings and we really enjoyed the opportunity to act it out using our knowledge of their history!

Au 2 – Week 3 – Spanish Day!

Stars of the week – All of Class 4

We had a fantastic day yesterday for Spanish day. We enjoyed completing maths using our knowledge of Spanish numbers and worked as a team to solve a Spanish word problem! We have rewritten the story of The Hungry Caterpillar in Spanish where the caterpillar eats his way through paella and churros! Also, we have been working really hard on our Gaudi mosaics!


Autumn 2 – Week 1 – Our trip to the CLC!

Stars of the week: Christian and Saskia

Before half term we went on a trip to the CLC! We had a fantastic day discussing pollution in the local area to our school. We found out lots of interesting facts and designed a poster for a campaign! We have had a great week this week settling back in to our lessons and we have enjoyed reading the book ‘A walk in London’. 

Autumn 1 – Week 7 D & T Week – The Shard!

Stars of the week: Elliot and Meadow

We have worked really hard on our Shard models for design & technology week. We decided to pick The Shard for our landmark as it is so close to our school. We started by talking about the different materials we could use and drawing our designs. As The Shard is very close to school, we went on a walk to look at it and made some sketches of the structure. We hope you loved seeing our fantastic exhibition in the hall!


Autumn – Week 6 Class – Assembly!

STARS OF THE WEEK – All of Class 4 for their brilliant effort in their assembly.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came to support and watch our assembly. We were really excited to show you all what we have been learning about so far this term. We had so many ideas that we couldn’t include everything! We worked really hard and we hope you enjoyed it. A video of our assembly will follow soon!

Autumn 1 – Week 5

Stars of the week: Zara and Gabriel

We have been learning about sound in science this half term. This week we investigated what happens to sound as the distance from the sound source increases. We presented our findings in groups to the rest of the class. Some of us used our knowledge of charts and bar graphs to present our findings which we have been learning about in maths!