Day 2 morning

After having a good dinner last night, lots of fun in the dorms and at least some sleep, a very happy class have woken up bright and early to a beautiful, clear sunny day. We have enjoyed breakfast, checked our small mammal traps, seen some mice released and we are just about to start learning how to use compasses and maps around the beautiful grounds.

Summer 1 – Week 4 – Electricity How it works!

Stars of the week: Swithun and Saskia

Well done Saskia for working extremely hard on your fractions this week. Well done Swithun for working extremely hard on your descriptive writing.

We have been looking at electricity and how it works this half term in Science. We explored the classroom looking at what appliances require electricity – we found a lot! This week we have been looking at simple series circuits and what is needed to make sure the electrons travel around the circuit and light up the bulb.

Summer 1 – Week 3 – Explanation Text.

Stars of the week:

Xavi – Well done for getting top scorer for your football club!

Beatrix – you are working extremely hard and you are always kind and respectful to your friends and teachers.

This week we have been continuing to look at explanation texts. We completed our class inventions, worked in groups to write instructions on ‘How to trap a dragon’ and we are now working on our Cracking Contraptions!


Shapes and angles – Summer 1 – Week 1

Stars of the week: Harris and Amiah

Well done to Amiah for settling in to Class 4 so well. Harris you have worked extremely hard on your writing this week – brilliant effort!

This week Class 4 have been investigating shapes, angles and lines of symmetry. We have explored the properties of quadrilaterals, triangles and polygons. We have even started learning how to use a protractor!!

Spring 2 – Week 6 – Have a lovely Easter!

Class 4 have had a busy couple of weeks! We were really proud of our Easter Praise performance and very grateful for all of the parents and grandparents who came to watch us. Well done Class 4 for working extremely hard to make it such a successful performance! Despite the weather, we had a great day exploring Kew Gardens and imagining we were in the rainforest!

Have a lovely Easter holidays!



Spring 2 – Week 5 – SCIENCE WEEK!

Class 4 have had a fantastic week. Whilst rehearsing for the play, we have also enjoyed carrying out different activities for science week. We started off the week with a visit from an astronomer and a planetarium in our hall! We designed and made our own paper planes for an experiment on aerodynamics. Next, it was off to the moon for some exploration. In teams, we designed lunar rovers that would be able to get an astronaut safely around the moon. Imagining ourselves as an astronaut, we wrote diary entries of our day exploring the moon and look for rock for examination. On Friday, we had a very special visitor who came in to teach us about our hearts. Thank you Mrs Barlow for coming to visit us! We finished off the week by turning our lunar rover designs in to a model.