Autumn 2 – Week 5

Stars of the Week: Noella and Fintan

Class 5 have been working hard on their newspaper reports in English this week. They decided what story they wanted to write about and they planned their report. After interviews with other children and a couple of members of staff, Class 5 wrote their reports and edited them.

Have a look at our Christmas display that we made with Class 6!

Autumn 2 – Week 4

Stars of the Week: Noella and Martha

This week, Class 5 had the pleasure of visiting the Unicorn Theatre. They watched Pinocchio which has inspired them for their own Christmas performance. Class 5 were very well behaved throughout the whole trip. They thoroughly enjoyed the play and will be writing a review of what they saw in extended writing.

Autumn 2 – Week 3

Stars of the Week: Terrence and Bea

This week, Class 5 have been learning about South America. We plotted South America on a map of the world and then looked in detail at its features. We then used an Atlas to look at the physical and political features of the continent so that we could make our own maps of these. Everyone in Class 5 were especially skilled at matching up places from the Atlas (which showed the map with the curvature of the Earth taken into account) onto a flat map.

Autumn 2 – Week 2

Stars of the Week: Annamaria and Parker

This week, Class 5 have taken part in Bikeability. They have learned how to cycle safely on roads, making sure that they give the correct caution to hazards, such as cars. They have also learned how to indicate on their bikes to show which direction they are turning.

In maths, Class 5 have focused on the long method for multiplication. They have all worked really hard to improve their accuracy of multiplication.

Spellings for this week:


















Alpha to Omega:











Autumn 2 – Week 1

Stars of the Week: Ben and Amaris

This week, Class 5 have started lots of different topics. In Geography, we started looking at North America. We used an atlas to find where North America is in the world and what countries it includes. We then made our own political maps and we will make physical maps of the area.

Class 5 also started looking at forces in science. We had a look at the forces that would act on a car, including air resistance, gravity, friction and the driving force.

Next week we will have Bikeability!

Autumn 1 – Week 7

Stars of the Week: Isaac and Rileigh

In English, Class 5 wrote the next chapter for our class text: The Corn Grows Ripe. They all had wonderful ideas and used all knowledge of what has been learned about the Maya. They considered how Tigre would have burnt the farm area for the Milpa or what could happen to his dad.

In science, Class 5 have taken all of their knowledge and made some wonderful non-chronological reports. They used Microsoft Word and produced some fantastic results. Some of their pieces are on display in the classroom.


Autumn 1 – Week 6

Stars of the Week: Alphie and Funmi

On science day, we looked at the stars with our guest. We spoke about the different constellations of stars and how, throughout history, people have believed them to look like things. We looked at Orion which is a constellation well known for its belt which is normally spotted. The Plough was also looked at by Class 5. We then made star spotters using foil and tubes so that we can find these two constellations if we are in the countryside.

Autumn 1 – Week 5

Stars of the Week: Carter and Amelia

Class 5 have had a very packed week with lots of different opportunities. On Friday, we went to the Microsoft Experience Centre. We looked at how to code different characters to get to an objective which created an AI as the sprites would find their own way to an objective. We also made our own Mayan pyramids on Minecraft.

In science, we looked at the planets and made our own model of the planets using sports balls and looked at how far away they would be from the sun if Earth was one metre away.

In extended writing, we took a trip to Florida and went to space! (Obviously we didn’t but the headphones made us feel like we were there.) Class 5 then wrote a story about their experience in space.

Autumn 1 – Week 4

Stars of the Week: Joni and Charles

This week, Year 5 have been looking at what the Maya used to eat. We found out that 80% of their diet was made up of maize. During our learning, we made our own Mayan menus. We had lots of different ideas, such as a surf and turf with fish and deer or even a meal with monkey skin and avocado as a starter!