Summer 2 – Week 1

Year 5 stars of the week: Teddy and Julia

Last half term, Year 5 visited the Imperial War Museum where we had a great time meeting Bernard and Ron.

Bernard was born in Dulwich and was evacuated during the Blitz when he was 12 years old. It was fascinating listening to his stories and experiences of what life was like for him during the war.

Ron joined HMS Belfast and sailed all the way to Korea to fight in the Korean War. Ron worked as a wireless operator and was very helpful in explaining how Morse code works. He still remembers it now and sometimes even translates adverts into Morse code!

Year 5, comment in the space below and explain what your favourite part of the trip was.

Summer 1 – Week 5

Year 5 stars of the week: Ruby Rose and Whitney

This week we have been celebrating poetry week in school.

We have had a lot of fun reading out different poems, writing our own poems and even learning a brand new poem.

Here are some pictures of our performances of ‘Gran – can you rap?’ by Jack Ousby.





Summer 1 – Week 3

Year 5 stars of the week: James and Mary

Year have been making some fantastic Supermarine Spitfire aeroplanes this week.

We began by making our structure using a water bottle and some tape.

Following that, we used mod rock to make it firm and secure.

Finally, we painted our Spitfires and added detail.

We look forward to visiting the Imperial War Museum later this week where we will have the opportunity to see a Spitfire in real life.

Comment in the space below and let us know what you think of our Spitfire success!

Summer 1 – Week 2

Year 5 stars of the week: All of Class 5

This has been another busy but exciting week for Year 5. We have been enjoying taking part in Bikability Level 1 and 2 which has allowed us to practise our cycling skills in order to stay safe. Thank you Miss Fishwick for organising such a fantastic experience – it has been a cycling success!


Also this week, Year 5 have produced some fascinating projects on either what their family did during World War 2 or what happened to certain areas, buildings or landmarks in London during the Blitz.

It has been so interesting to learn about the remarkable people that Year 5 have in their families. We look forward to hearing everyone present their projects later on this week.

Please click on the name below if you would like to read our World War 2 presentations.

Albert Amari Arianna Caitlyn Cheri’ane Daniel Emilia Emmanuel Fatimah Fiona James Joel Julia Justice Kaijaun Kristian Mary Nahum Prushottaman Ruby Shawn Sienna Suriya Teddy Tiyana Whitney



Summer 1 – Week 1

This week Year 5 have been enjoying using the gym equipment in the hall. We practised travelling using different points of contact and came up with some really unusual ways of moving along. What a lot of talent there is to be found in Year 5!


Spring 2 – Week 6

Last week, Cathedral School celebrated Science Week. On Monday we visited the Planetarium and learnt about the stars in our galaxy. In English, we wrote myths about the origin of these impressive constellations.

In Science, we conducted an experiment to see if we could make a paper helicopter go faster by changing the width of the blades, adding weight, or altering the size. It was a lot of fun and we have definitely improved our measuring skills!

We also had visitors who came in to talk to us about Artificial Intelligence and Engineering in Science. We learnt so much and it was a fantastic opportunity to learn about how Science is used in everyday life.

Finally, for homework we produced posters about different types of journeys. They are very impressive and show lots of super Scientific knowledge.

Well done Year 5 – please comment below and let me know what your favourite part of Science week was.

Spring 2 – Week 4

Year 5 stars of the week: Kristian and Cheri’ane

This half term we have been focusing on the skill of drawing. We began by looking at famous self-portraits drawn by well-known artists. We then had a go at drawing our own portraits. See if you can recognise the person from our pictures below!



Also – please have a look at our lovely board display which Janet has put together so wonderfully. If you want to read our superb setting descriptions then you can find them in the KS1 corridor.