Spring 1 – Week 1

Year 5 stars of the week: Albert and Tiyana

This half term we are going to be studying the Maya Civilisation. We began this week by looking at the Maya religion and learning about the different Maya gods.

In English, we have begun reading our class text for this half term, The Corn Grows Ripe by Dorothy Rhoads. We discussed Maya farming methods and wrote descriptions explaining the process of making milpa.

Autumn 2 – Week 8

What another fantastic half term we have had in Year 5!

This week we have been making volcanoes – they look incredible! Well done Year 5. We have also written instructions on how to make these amazing models, so if you want to make one yourself then ask a Year 5 pupil for some advice!


Also this week, we have typed out our Earthquake stories. We tried really hard to grip the reader through ambitious vocabulary and varying our sentence structures. We hope you enjoy reading them. Let us know which parts are your favourite in the space below.



























Autumn 2 – Week 7

Year 5 stars of the week: All of Class 5 for a fantastic Cathedral service (photos on Autumn 2 – Week 6 blog post)

This week in Year 5, we have made our own ‘Kindness Calendar’ for the month of December. We each thought about one thing that we were going to do to be kind and show this kindness to other people.

Click here to see our Kindness Calendar (thank you to Amari who typed it out!)




Autumn 2 – Week 6

Well done to Year 5 who performed ‘Gold, Frankincense and Mirth’ at Southwark Cathedral this morning. You all did an incredible job and myself and Janet are extremely proud of you. Please find some photos of Year 5 doing their dress rehearsal the day before. Photos from Southwark Cathedral to follow shortly.

Autumn 2 – Week 5

Year 5 stars of the week: Emmanuel and Prushott

Last week, Mrs Rees came into our class to introduce us to the new books that had arrived in school. We took this opportunity to discuss our favourite reads and to recommend them to other people.


We then created our own book bingo cards full of fantastic and exciting stories. If you would like to know what they are, ask any enthusiastic reader from Year 5.

Autumn 2, Week 3 – Hurray for Spanish Day!

Year 5 stars of the week: Amari and Shawn

Yesterday was Spanish Day at Cathedral School and we had a fantastic day celebrating everything that was Spanish!

In Year 5, we have been learning about the ‘Day of the Dead’ festival and created our own factfiles. We then created our own masks which will be on display around school.

We also have to say a massive thank-you to Shandon who came into Year 5 and read ‘The Vanishing Rainforest’ in Spanish . This was a fantastic opportunity to hear fluent Spanish being spoken, and we were able to pick out words that we recognised that were similar in English.