Trip to Westminster School

On Tuesday, we visited Westminster School to participate in some secondary science activities. We were split into groups and completed a chemistry and then a biology workshop.

We learnt lots of interesting information and even got to watch a frog dissection! Special thanks to the team at Westminster School.



Science Week

This week is Science Week at Cathedral School so we’ve been heavily engaged in various scientific activities!

Today we conducted an investigation about adaptation and how it allows animals and creatures to improve their chances of survival. We used coloured wool to demonstrate how brighter colours are easily discovered in the garden. We also discussed why bugs are similar colours to their habitat and what advantage this offers them.

Then we had a visit from MAD Science to teach about magnets and their properties. We then got to partake in our own challenge where we used a magnet to move an object without physically touching it.


TfL Citizenship Scheme

Yesterday, Class 6 visited the Old Kent Road Fire Station to take part in the Southwark Citizenship Scheme. Whilst there, we participated in several different workshops which covered a variety of scenarios to help us become good citizens. The workshops included tube and bus safety, bike and road safety, stranger danger, knife crime and what to do if a fire breaks out.

It was a great day out and certainly gave us lots of excellent tips which will help us when we begin commuting to secondary school.


Minecraft in Class 6

This week we visited London CLC to attend a ‘City Planning’ workshop. We began by deciding what buildings a city needed and looking at existing architecture to help inspire us.

We then created mood boards and used tools to help us search for photos of buildings to help us and we learnt about using filtering tools on search engines to allow us to search for content without copyright.

Then our planning began! We worked closely as a team and used coordinates so we each had our own plot of land. We then built our creations and used keyboard shortcuts to help us as we went.

Here are screenshots of our buildings and our city.



In Class 6 we have been writing flashbacks based on a video we watched as a class called ‘The Piano’. At first  we created a word bank to help us use more ambitious vocabulary. After that we wrote out our first draft to describe how he played the piano. We focused on using present tense to do this and discussed using the correct verb forms and suffixes to support our tense work.

We then edited and improved our writing by using parenthesis to extend our sentences. We concluded by typing up our work.

Read on to find our fantastic flashbacks.


Art in Class 6

In Class 6 we’ve started to look at ‘texture’ in art. Today we were set a task to show texture in a photograph. We investigated in Redcross Garden and around the school garden to take a photo which we felt showed texture.

We then came back and edited them to help focus the attention on the texture within the photo.

Here are some photos which we took.


Imperial War Museum

Today we visited the Imperial War Museum to explore their WW1 exhibition. We have started our WW1 topic in class and it was useful to see artifacts and watch informative clips of what life was like during The Great War.

We got to experience life in the trenches and see the real weapons and uniforms the soldiers were given. It was a very useful visit which will help us with our work in future lessons.

It also reminded us about how dreadful war is and what sacrifices were made during this difficult time.