Light investigation

Stars of the Week: Sophie & Jimmy

This week in Science we planned and carried out our scientific investigation. We were investigating how we could prove that light travels in a straight line.

We planned our investigation then made our predictions before we began testing. We found that when the torch shone through the holes in the card, a spot of light the same size was seen at the end.

Revision topics

The next few weeks will be based on topics which you would like to revise in maths. Post them here and I will make sure to read through them all and pick out the most requested topics first.

Remember, this is what you would like to revise in order to improve your maths skills and knowledge.

Southwark Cathedral Gargoyles

Stars of the Week: Leon & Ella

As you may remember, we visited Southwark Cathedral back in September to see the renovation of the gargoyles and also design our own gargoyle.  Click here to see the original post.

Two winners were selected and they met with the City & Guilds stonemason and Father Michael to talk through their designs and the vision for their collaborative gargoyle. This is such an exciting opportunity and well done to them and all of the children on their fantastic designs.


Science Week

This week was Science Week and we started off the week with a visit to the Science Museum where we had a workshop before engaging in all the activities inside the Wonderlab. We learnt about friction, air resistance, electricity, forces and much more.

We then had a visit from Ed, the Science Wizard, who taught us some great experiments with lots of science involved.

The Stations of The Cross

Stars of the Week: Divine & Leon

In RE, we have been looking at what The Stations of The Cross represents and what we can learn from it. Today, we looked at each of the stations and thought about what the pictures are showing and how Jesus felt.

We then answered these questions:

What are the Stations of The Cross?
Which station stood out most to you? Why?
What behaviours did Jesus show in the build-up to his crucifixion?
Where and how is forgiveness shown in the Easter story?
Where and how is salvation shown in the Easter story?
Where and how is hope shown in the Easter story?

The Stations of The Cross’ – Pictures.

Book Week

Stars of the Week: Sylvie & Oscar

This week at Cathedral School has been Book Week. In Class 6, we were reading the text ‘I am David’ by Anne Holm. We have written several pieces of writing including diary entries and setting descriptions.

We were also visited by Kate Cunningham, author of ‘Vlad and the First World War’. She engaged us in a workshop about being an author and gave us lots of tips on how to edit and improve our writing.

Interpreting data

Stars of the Week: Holly & Sam

This week, Year 6 have been learning about interpreting data. We began looking at line graphs and learning skills to read line graphs before we created our own. We then created our own questions relating to our graphs.

Safer Internet Day

Stars of the Week: Emil & Naima

This week was Safer Internet Day and in Class 6 we discussed different ways to help keep us safe on the internet. We also went on a trip to participate in a ‘fake news’ workshop. We discussed the reliability of news and how easy it is to spread false or incorrect information – especially through social media.

We created our own fake news articles using ‘X-Ray Goggles’ software to edit the html coding of a website and add in our own false headlines and pictures.