The Hobbit

Stars of the Week: Tito & Edward

Following Book Week, we have decided to continue our adventures with The Hobbit in Class 6. We focused on setting descriptions and how to build atmosphere and engage the reader.

We wrote up our setting descriptions and used them to create our display which shows a journey through some of Middle Earth.

Book Week 2019

This week, we have been enjoying Book Week at Cathedral School. Our focus has been settings and so in Y6, we have been reading The Hobbit and enjoying all the wonderful setting descriptions throughout the book. We wrote our own setting descriptions based on Bilbo’s house and The Shire before we move onto the Misty Mountains.

We also enjoyed a variety of other activities including buddy reading, dressing up and sharing stories.

We hope you enjoyed Book Week too!

Revision topics

Stars of the Week: Sasha Co & Alex

It’s that time of year again! Please can you post three maths topics you would like to revise in lessons or booster sessions. If there is something specific then please say so. (E.g. Addition with decimals rather than just ‘addition’, or multiplying fractions by whole numbers rather than just ‘fractions’).

Staying safe in Year 6

Stars of the Week: Thomas & Sasha Cr

This week, we have not only been learning about e-safety, but we have also been learning about how to stay safe on the roads and on public transport thanks to our trip to the Old Kent Road fire station to participate in the Junior Citizenship Scheme organised by Southwark.

We learnt lots about staying safe which will help as we become more independent and transition into secondary school.

Ancient Egypt

Stars of the Week: Esther & Alfie

In Class 6, we have been working hard on our self-lead projects about ancient Egypt. In class, we learnt about the ancient Egyptian way of life and how the artefacts that they left behind have helped us to understand who they were and what life was like for them.

We examined some artefacts in class and made conclusions about what we thought they were and why. Have a look and see if you can guess what they are.

Welcome back!

Stars of the Week: Malikyle & Victory

This week, we have started learning about electricity and creating our own simple circuits. We discussed different circuits around the household and the components that we would find in each. We drew our own circuits – using the correct symbols for the relevant component – before discussing what the circuit would achieve and how it could be used.

The meaning of Christmas

Stars of the Week: Mahima & Imran

This week in RE we discussed the meaning of Christmas and how it has changed over the years. We watched some recent Christmas advertisements and talked about the meaning behind the adverts and the Christian qualities displayed by the actors or the characters. We uncovered several of the Fruits of Friendship within many of the adverts – especially love, kindness and joy.