Spring 2 – Week 4

Stars of the Week: Eayon & Annie

This week, we have been investigating light and how it travels in a straight line. We set up our own investigations to prove this and then went outside to look at shadows. We found out that our shadows keep the same shape as us because light travels in a straight line.

Spring 2 – Week 2

Stars of the Week: Canaan & Samuel

This week, we have been learning all about seasonal food as part of our DT unit. We looked at foods which we grow in the UK and ones which we import from other countries. We looked at where some of the foods in the supermarket came from and found:

Mangoes from Columbia

Plums from South Africa

Sweet potatoes from the USA

Kiwi fruit from Italy

Lemons from Spain

Spring 2 – Week 1

Stars of the Week: Vivienne & Medhansh

This week, we visited Two Temple Place to see the Body Vessel Clay exhibition. We learnt all about some excellent artists, including Ladi Kwali, a Nigerian artist who often included geometric patterns and animals on her work.
We also built our own ‘Tree of Life’ which included our goals and hopes for the future.

Spring 1 – Week 5

Stars of the Week: Azaria & Joseph

This week, we have been making a start on our ancient Egyptian canopic jars. These jars were used by the ancient Egyptians to hold different organs after someone had passed away. It was part of their death ritual, and they believed that they would need the organs in the afterlife so they kept them safe in these jars.