Music in Class 6

Stars of the Week: Arianna & Prushoth

As well as learning all the Christmas songs, we have been working hard on our composition skills. We have been working on identifying pulse and rhythm and using the chime bars to play along to familiar songs.

First News

Stars of the Week: Fiona & Amari

Well done to the selected members of Class 6 for their achievements in the First News competition this week. They competed with other schools and tested their news knowledge to help them win one of the challenges.

Over the last few weeks, we have been engaging with the news through First News publications and debating a range of current affairs and issues.  We then used our skills to write up some newspaper articles about our achievements at our recent residential trip.

Spanish Day 2019

Stars of the Week: Shawn & Fatimah

Yesterday was Spanish Day at Cathedral School and we enjoyed a range of different Spanish activities.

First, we researched and designed our own Spanish menus with (some) authentic recipes and dishes. We then had a visitor who read Northern Lights in Spanish so we could follow along with our own copies.


JCA Juniors

Stars of the Week: All of Class 6

Well done to all of Class 6 for making last week’s residential trip such a success. We are all very proud of how you conducted yourselves and how engaged you all were in the activities and challenges.


DT Challenge

Stars of the Week: Kristian & Caitlyn

Last week we worked on our DT Challenge projects – making animal puppets! We decided to use syringes and tubing to make the mouths move.

First we designed our animals, then we painted them before assembling the final parts and checking that they worked. They were a great success and we had fun making them.

Life in the trenches

Stars of the Week: Ruby & Albert

This week, we discussed life in the trenches during WW1. We looked at some primary source of information to gather facts and first-hand experience about what the soldiers endured. These letters told us about the poor living conditions and dreadful experiences they suffered during this time.

We used these to write our own letters which attempted to replicate the feelings and emotions of a soldier in the trenches.


Stars of the Week: Emmanuel & Mary

This week, we have been discussing e-safety and how to stay safe when using electronic devices. We talked about the importance of using reliable websites, never sharing personal information and making sure we speak to an adult if there’s something we aren’t sure about.