The meaning of Christmas

Stars of the Week: Mahima & Imran

This week in RE we discussed the meaning of Christmas and how it has changed over the years. We watched some recent Christmas advertisements and talked about the meaning behind the adverts and the Christian qualities displayed by the actors or the characters. We uncovered several of the Fruits of Friendship within many of the adverts – especially love, kindness and joy.



Northern Lights

Stars of the Week: Freddie & Catherine

This week we began reading our new class book, Northern Lights, by Philip Pullman. Already we’ve been sucked into the fictional world of Lyra and Pantalaimon and their adventures around Jordan College.

Watch this space for some examples of our excellent writing.


Stars of the Week: All of Class 6

A big well done to all of Class 6 on completing a successful week at PGL. Everyone had a wonderful time and really pushed themselves to new heights…literally!

Now you look back on those challenges with fond memories and be proud that you did your very best.

Photos to follow soon!

Atmospheric writing

Stars of the Week: Magnus & Harriet

This week we have been learning about how to include atmosphere into our writing to engage the reader. We discussed about using ambitious language and well-chosen vocabulary to help build atmosphere and bring our writing to life.

Here are some extracts from our work:

The room was cold and unwelcoming. Tom finally turned around to glare at his intruder – Victory

The rained lashed across the window and the rumble of thunder shook the air around them – Freddie

He sat there, transfixed and wide-eyed as the wardrobe burst into flames – Blubelle


CLC musicians

Stars of the Week: Edward & Blubelle

This week, we visited the CLC to learn how to create music using Sonic Pi. We learnt how to code our own songs and beats by varying the pitch and tone of the notes. We were able to create our own simple songs using coding and then loop them to play multiple verses.

DT Week

Stars of the Week: Tito & Amaan

This week was DT Week at Cathedral School and Class 6 have been hard at work making models of The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

First we had to measure the angle and cut it off the bottom of our tubes to create the lean. Then we had to glue it to our base and strengthen it using pva glue and newspaper.

These are our models so far! Keep an eye out for our excellent finished designs!

Kingdom of God

Stars of the Week: Ava & Isaac

A big well done to all of Year 6 who led a wonderful service at Southwark Cathedral last Friday. They delivered their wonderful reflections and prayers in front of a large audience and really captured the meaning of the Kingdom of God.