Leavers’ Service

Stars of the Week: Heidi & Magnus

A big well done to Class 6 for preparing such a wonderful Leavers’ Service. The thanks, prayers and memories shared with everyone were wonderful to hear and particularly well-written. There were lots of memories of friendship and accomplishments and it was so nice to hear about their journey through Cathedral School. As usual, thank you to all the staff and parents for being part of the service, and a special thanks to Miss Dace and Father David.

Aboriginal art

Stars of the Week: Mollie & Isaac

This week, we have been recreating some Aboriginal artwork. We started by looking at some authentic and traditional pieces and then using these to inspire our own artwork. Some of us stuck to the traditional subjects and colours, but many of us chose to pick subjects related to The Lion King – can you recognise any characters?

Museum of London

Stars of the Week: Harriet & Taym

This week, Class 6 went on a trip to the Museum of London to conduct research and fact-finding for their history projects. We investigated London through the ages and saw lots of artefacts and primary sources of information about lots of different periods throughout history.


Well done!

Stars of the Week: All of Class 6

A big well done to everyone in Class 6 for completing their SATs this week. Over the last few weeks, they have all worked really hard in lessons and booster sessions to ensure they did the best they could. We are all very proud of you.

Balanced arguments

Stars of the Week: Zakaria & Ellah

This week, Year 6 have been researching and writing their own balanced arguments about graffiti and discussing the question: is it street art or vandalism?

We began by researching around the topic before investigating points for and against our argument. We then supported these points with evidence and quotes to help inform the reader. We will be typing these up soon so stay posted for examples here!

Map skills

Stars of the Week: Amaan & Mahima

This week in Year 6, we worked in pairs and small groups to write tourist guides for interesting areas on Ordinance Survey maps.  We used the key and our knowledge of map symbols and grid references help us give directions to interesting places.

Geographical Features

Stars of the Week: Ava and Imran.

This week, Class 6 have been working hard on their geography projects.
They have been creating presentations about physical geographical features around the work and researching facts and statistics to support their work. They have also been working on their map skills to include accurate and detailed maps of these features and their correct location.
Please remember, Class 6, that these projects are due shortly and we look forward to seeing all your hard work.

The Hobbit

Stars of the Week: Tito & Edward

Following Book Week, we have decided to continue our adventures with The Hobbit in Class 6. We focused on setting descriptions and how to build atmosphere and engage the reader.

We wrote up our setting descriptions and used them to create our display which shows a journey through some of Middle Earth.