School Journey Info

On this page, you will find all of the information that you need about this year’s school journey! If you need any further information, please ask!


Here is the link to the Liddington page on the PGL website:


If you know your child requires travel sickness pills (for the coach), please see a member of staff who will be available outside the classroom on the Monday morning we depart, or if you can’t be there on the day please send with your child along with a signed note.

All other medicines must be in a see-through bag with the child’s name clearly marked, with doctor’s/pharmacy instructions, and handed to a member of staff in the morning.

Please complete the medical and contact forms and hand these to your child. We will take these with us.

Travel Arrangements

On Monday 5th November the children are to arrive at school (not in school uniform, but in activity clothes) for the normal time of 8.45am. The coach will arrive around 12.45pm and we will leave at around 1.00pm having eaten as normal at school. (If your child usually brings a packed lunch for school then ensure they bring one as normal in their rucksack.)

If you wish to wave us off, the coach will be on the road inside the gates.

On Friday we will leave PGL around mid-day and are scheduled to be back for a normal school finish. If we are delayed due to traffic we will update via the Twitter feed accessible through the Class 6 blog.

Equipment List

As a rule of thumb: Do not let your child bring anything that you would mind being ruined. Everything they wear outside will get muddy and wet.

Also, please bear in mind your child will be responsible for carrying his/her suitcase to and from the coach.

Items that are essential and to which I would like to draw particular attention are:
• Black sacks (for wet clothes)
• Sleeping bag and 1 pillow
• Waterproof jacket (waterproof trousers are optional, but recommended) 
• Hat, scarf and a pair of gloves

PGL Kitlist

Suitable Nightwear
Plenty of underwear (please note that for many activities, socks will need to cover your ankles)
Trousers/leggings for activities (not jeans)
1 pair of trainers for activities
Pair of dry shoes for evening activities
Fleeces/sweatshirts for activities
Plenty of long sleeved shirt/t-shirts
Waterproof jacket/cagoule with hood
Warm anorak or similar
Hat, scarf and gloves
2 sets of clothes for the evening activities

Two large towels
Plastic drink bottle
Small rucksack/ bag
Bin bags for wet and dirty clothing
Washbag (including soap, shampoo, roll-on deodorant and toothpaste)
Sleeping bag and pillow
Wellington boots

A torch for evening activities


Disallowed Items:
• No jeans for activities (One pair allowed for evening clothes.)
• No mobiles, DSs or other electronic devices (disposable cameras are fine – 2 per child)
• No sweets or soft drinks (Bottled water for the coach ride is ok.)
• No spray deodorant (roll-on is fine and encouraged!)
• No additional money (Included in the cost of the trip was a sufficient amount of money that will be distributed to each child at the centre.)

Other Information

Part of the School Journey experience is that, for many, it will be the first time away from home. There will not be an opportunity for children to ring home. Obviously, in the unlikely event of an emergency, we will contact you immediately.

Parent FAQs, as well as a short PGL video, can be found on the PGL website: