Our Curriculum

Here at Cathedral School we pride ourselves on the quality of teaching and learning that all children receive across the curriculum.

The government have made some changes to the National Curriculum which are statutory from September 2014. This change has been a fantastic opportunity for us to review our school curriculum and to continue to develop and plan exciting and challenging learning opportunities for our children.

As part of the process we have spoken to parents, governors, staff, children and other stakeholders. I would like to thank everyone who gave us feedback on our current curriculum through the questionnaire we sent out last year. We had some wonderful feedback about the learning opportunities children have already had at Cathedral School.

Here is an example of some of the feedback we had:

The lessons are interactive and the teachers challenge the children

The teachers all try to bring a fun or creative element into the lessons to keep the children interested

Themed weeks are a fantastic idea because they are really fun and children learn more at the same time as enjoying themselves which I think is really important! They seem to help children broaden their experience and awareness.

Knowing what ignites the children’s imaginations and motivation to learn should be at the centre of every learning experience

We have always been very proud of our broad, balanced, engaging and challenging curriculum and so have used this opportunity to incorporate the new National Curriculum requirements into the themes and topics we already have rather than make unnecessary changes. Much of the new curriculum had been trialled over the last academic year with teachers planning to the new requirements in subjects such as Literacy and Numeracy as well as Foundation Subjects.

There have been some concerns in the media about the expectations of the new National Curriculum being higher than the last, especially at the end of Year 6. However, as you know, the expectations and standards at Cathedral School have always been high and we will continue to support and challenge our children in a way that allows them to be confident, consolidate learning and progress to achieve their full potential. We welcome the opportunity that this new curriculum gives us to continue with these high expectations.

In particular there will be an even greater focus on cross curricular links between subjects such as Literacy, History, Geography, Art and Numeracy as well as Computing and RE. Literacy will often be planned around a text and these may also relate to a topic in a foundation subject such as History or Geography as well.

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