Our New Eco-Code

6 comments Written on July 9th, 2014

Eco Monitors that are in Eco Club have written a new Eco-Code for the school.

It is our pledge to try and make Cathedral School an Eco-friendly place!

Leave a comment on how you can be eco-friendly at school and at home!


6 comments “Our New Eco-Code”

Whenever I go out of the classroom I turn off the lights. And whenever I have paper that’s been drawn or written on two sides I put in the recycling B-)

I can put the right paper in the right bin when I draw at home!

I like being Eco friendly by turning off the lights.

I can’t believe that this week the whole school got a green star!

Whenever I am the last one in the classroom I turn off everything if they are on.

I think that the new Eco code is extremely good.

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