Mathletics rules OK at Cathedral!

2 comments Written on May 3rd, 2012

Since subscribing to Mathletics at the start of the Summer Term, children at Cathedral Primary have been very busy completing tasks and playing maths games against children all over the world!

In our first week, over 40 children were awarded certificates, and that number is rising as the weeks go on!

All the points the children are awarded are added up and if they individually score enough points in a day they are announced on the Hall of Fame on the website, and if a class gets enough points as a collective, they are posted on the Class Hall of Fame, and guess what…? Two classes have already done it!

Look closely at the two pictures below of the UK Class Hall of Fame…which two classes are already famous?

Do you think you, or your class could do better?

2 comments “Mathletics rules OK at Cathedral!”

I cannot belive that Class 5 and Class 3 were in the ‘hall of fame’ on mathletics.Well done!

Class 3 are 40th at the moment.
I definitely checked!

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