Olympic Diocesan Music Festival

The choir will be performing in Southwark Cathedral as part of the Diocesan Olympic Music Festival on Wednesday 23rd May. Many schools from the diocese are taking part, singing songs inspired by Olympic themes. The choir will be performing two songs on their own – Build It High and World’s Greatest – and another two songs with the other schools – Come on and Celebrate and Believe. It should be an exciting, inspirational event and I’m sure our choir will shine!

As a reminder to the choir, here are the words to the songs…

World’s Greatest

I am a mountain, I am a tall tree.
Oh, I am an eagle, sweeping the country.
I am a river, down in the valley.
Oh, I am a vision and I can see clearly.

If anybody asks you who I am, just stand up tall,
look ‘em in the face and say:

I’m that star up in the sky, I’m that mountain peak up high.
Hey, I made it, I’m the world’s greatest.
I’m that little bit of hope when my back’s against the ropes,
I can feel it, I’m the world’s greatest.

I am a giant, I am an eagle.
Oh, I am a lion, down in the jungle.
I am a marching band, I am the people.
Oh, I am a helping hand, I am a hero.

If anybody asks you who I am, just stand up tall,
look ‘em in the face and say:


 In the ring of life I rain love
And the world will notice a King.
Where there is darkness I shine a light.
And views of success reflect in me, me.


Build It High

We’ve got a problem

We can work it out

Let’s get together

That’s what it’s all about.


Got to build it, build it high.

Got to build it, build it high.




Don’t give in because you fail your first attempt.

Don’t start shouting what’s the point in argument.

Let’s stand united, take the challenge in our stride.

Just remember that we’re on the same side.


We’ve got a problem….x2


Don’t start blaming someone else when things go wrong.

That’s wasting precious time and we don’t have too long.

No use in panic when the situation’s grim,

Trust in teamwork, and let the game begin.

We’ve got a problem….


Build it high,

Build it high,

Build it high.


When I look up to the stars,
There’s a burning deep inside me
And I feel a power growing in my soul.
There is something I can sense,
Deep within a dream to guide me,
And I know that I am reaching for my goal


I can do anything at all,
I can climb the highest mountain,
I can feel the ocean calling wild and free.
I can be anything I want,
With this hope to drive me onward,
If I can just believe in me.


When the skies are dark and grey,
We still know the sun is shining:
Though it’s out of sight, its light is glowing still.
And as long as I believe,
There is nothing I can’t wish for;
Not a dream that I’m unable to fulfill.

And whatever it takes I’ll find it somehow;
Whatever it needs I’ll show I’m strong.
Whatever it takes I’ll make it happen:
Finding out where I belong.

While the world is spinning round,
I can sometimes lose direction
And I know how hard it is to find my way.
But with friends around to care,
There is nothing I can’t handle,
And I’ll face the future treasuring each day.

Here’s the link that some of you asked for to the ‘Believe’ track. Enjoy practising!


By Mrs Morrow

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