Spring 1, Week 2 – Exploring the weather!

Stars of the Week: Constance & Xanthe

Constance and Xanthe were able to think about the weather and what kinds of clothing that we need to wear. In summer they know we need to wear clothes that keep us cool and protect us from the sun. They also know that in winter we need to wear clothes to keep us warm like coats, scarves and warm woolly hats.

This week we have been thinking about the weather and the changes we can see happening outside. We imagined that we were going on holiday to a place where it was summer and it was hot, as well as going somewhere where it was winter and cold. We packed our suitcases, making sure we had the right things for the weather!
What would you take on holiday if you were going somewhere warm? What about somewhere cold?

We also voted on which weather we like best! What is your favourite kind of weather?

Next week: In Phonics we will be learning the /d/ sound. We will begin to think about the People Who Help Us in and around our community. We will also have a visitor on Wednesday – a black cab driver who helps people by taking them to different places in London!

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