Spring 1, Week 3 – A visit from a taxi driver!

Stars of the Week: Annabelle and Jimmy

During our visit from Billy, Annabelle and Jimmy sat and listened carefully to all the information that he told us. The loved sitting in the taxi and could talk about some of the different things that they could see in the back of the taxi.

On Wednesday afternoon we had a visit from Billy who is a black cab driver. He told us all about his job. He helps people by driving them to places that they need to go. Billy told us that he likes being a taxi driver because he gets to go to different places and meet different people. He bought a map of London in to show us where he might have to drive. The map also helped him learn all the places in London – it took him a long time to learn them!

Billy also let us sit in his taxi. He told us all about what we could see such as the lights, a ramp for people who need to use it, seat belts to keep us safe and a special button to turn the lights on and off. We learnt an important tip that if the orange light at the front is on, it means the driver can take you because the taxi is empty but if it is off they already have someone in!

Thank you for visiting Nursery, Billy!


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