Spring 1, Week 4 – We can make a rainbow!

This week we explored colours and how to make new colours. We used the primary colours – red, yellow and blue – and we mixed them to make a new colour! We found out that red and yellow made orange, red and blue made purple and yellow and blue made green.

We chose our favourite colours and said why we like it! What is your favourite colour?

Here is our display about colour mixing. You can see it in the Key Stage 2 Corridor.

Next Week: In Phonics we will be learning about ‘g’. On Wednesday we will have the firefighters visiting us (a separate email has been sent to parents). We will also be celebrating History Day on Thursday. Our theme is the History of Me and children can wear cultural dress of where their family is from. Please fill out the form below to  let us know where your family comes from. If you have photos or artefacts of where your family is from, we would love to see them on Thursday – please give them to a member of Nursery staff, who will return them to you at the end of the day.

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