Spring 1, Week 5 – Nee Naw! Here come the Firefighters!

Stars of the Week: Mila & Leonardo

On Wednesday afternoon, Nursery were lucky enough to have the firefighters from Dowgate fire station visit. They also bought their fire engine.

The firefighters told us how they help people. We learned that they don’t just put out fire but they might help people who have had an accident or might need a bit of help. We saw the uniform that they wear like their boots, special trousers, a jacket and helmet. All of these things protect them. We even got to try the helmet on!

We looked around the fire engine and saw that they have lots and lots of hoses! We tried to find all of the ladders that they have – some were easier than others. We heard the loud siren and thought about why the fire engine has a siren.

We also got to squirt the fire hose! We had to pull the handle back and then the water came out very fast and we could squirt it up high into the sky!

We had a great time and learned lots about how firefighters help us! More photos of us will be uploaded in the next few days.

Next week: In Phonics we will be learning the /o/ sound. In Maths we will be comparing two amounts such as more and less. We will also be reflecting on our learning from the last half term for Parents Evening. If you have any evidence to upload onto Evidence Me, please do – we love seeing the amazing learning happening at home.

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